Call Screening Service

Professionally screen incoming phone calls for your business with MAP Communications live phone call screening service.

receptionist providing phone call screening service

Your day is busy enough without calls constantly interrupting your workflow. A partnership with a call screening service can give you the freedom you need to take calls on your own terms. Imagine how much more you might accomplish with a virtual receptionist who screens calls working as a seamless extension of your team!

What is Call Screening?

So just what is call screening? When you partner with MAP Communications, you’ll set criteria for whether or not a call gets transferred to you. Our team of dedicated virtual receptionists will answer calls on your behalf and use this information to decide whether to handle an inbound call themselves or pass along to you directly. For instance, if you want potential new clients to first schedule a consultation or you don’t want to be bothered by solicitors, our team can schedule appointments into your calendar and act as the bouncer for spam calls. The criteria for call screening is totally up to you – we’ll prioritize the certain types of inbound calls you want be transferred to your phone while handling the rest ourselves. The choice is yours.

When you’re simply too busy to take a call from an important contact, you’ll also have the option to have us use a customized call script for our team to carry out call handling in your stead. It’s the best way to communicate with important stakeholders without tying up your line or interrupting your workflow. It’s one of the many benefits of MAP’s call screening service – but it’s hardly the only perk.

Benefits of Screening Your Calls

A phone call screening service allows you to pick and choose which phone conversations to have at any given moment. Each time the phone rings, a virtual receptionist answers and determines whether the call fits your criteria for patching through. If it’s someone you want to speak with, we’ll transfer the call to you. If the criteria isn’t met, however, we’ll handle the call without forwarding it onto your phone. This may include answering frequently asked questions, scheduling appointments, or taking a message.

A call screening service can also do wonders in saving you time. Whether you’re used to fielding spam calls all day or just find yourself constantly interrupted by basic questions from callers, you’ll definitely reap the benefits of a partnership with MAP. You likely already perform some form of call screening in your daily duties. By working with a dedicated service, you save yourself from interruptions and wasted time. This does wonders in reducing the number of unwelcome calls you field each day.

Not all call screening services are created equal. While your phone service provider may offer some form of caller ID, a dedicated strategy for screening incoming calls can provide a huge boost to your productivity. Separating the important calls from the time wasting ones is a crucial service that only a partnership with MAP can bring.

Try MAP Call Screening Service for Free

You may be wondering: why invest in a phone call screening service? We invite you to see the difference for yourself. A 1-week trial can do wonders to demonstrate how useful screen incoming phone calls can be. While your phone service provider may be able to set you up with basic caller ID services or you could pay for impersonal automatic call screening that callers hate, only MAP Communications offers you the customization possible to truly optimize your workday with live call screening services.

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