Why Right Now is the Perfect Time to Use a Virtual Receptionist

Great customer service, professionalism, and productivity never goes out of style. During times of uncertainty, though, these things become even more important than usual. With the spread of COVID-19 upending virtually every facet of modern life, your customers and staff will be eager to maintain any kind of normalcy possible. Unfortunately, though, social distancing measures can make it challenging for businesses to offer the same high quality service they’re used to providing.

Virtual receptionist

Thankfully, business owners have a number of resources on their side. Online meeting software has helped bridge the communication gap between employees. Retailers are turning to online orders and delivery for customers eager for their products. Even restaurants have developed new strategies to help overcome the barriers COVID-19 has put into place. Businesses have had to get creative in the hopes of riding out this wave of uncertainty. 

No matter your plans for the long haul, it is imperative that you remain available to your customers and productive with your day. Here are several big reasons why right now is the ideal time to use a virtual receptionist:

Professionalism Amidst Chaos

With so much uncertainty and patchwork business practices abound, now is the time to portray a steady, professional voice for your customers. This is one of the areas where remote receptionists thrive. No matter what may be happening behind the scenes for your company, a virtual receptionist handling phone calls reassures people that your organization can still be relied upon.

Trust is so important these days. When people call your business and are greeted by a calm, helpful, professional receptionist they know they can rely on you. Alternatively, you could go on answering phone calls without a virtual receptionist and let customers think whatever they want when their call is answered by an unprepared, frantic individual who just got pulled away from their work while dogs are barking and children are screaming in the background.

24-Hour Availability

Traditional nine-to-five business hours were already disappearing before COVID-19 began to spread, but now, they’re practically non-existent. We’re increasingly reliant upon services and companies based all around the world, so tying availability to certain hours is quickly becoming passé. A team of virtual receptionists can work around the clock to ensure your callers are never left frustrated by an automated menu or voicemail. 

This kind of 24-hour support can be incredibly comforting during times of uncertainty. Customers will inevitably dial your company for insight into service availability, product offerings, and payment questions. A virtual receptionist can be there with the answers they demand, night or day. In a world where so much up in the air, that reliability counts for a lot. Be sure that people will remember which businesses prioritized their customers during this time.

Appointment Scheduling and Calendar Management

With so many business forced to close or alter the way they interact with customers, people are unsure of what to expect from your company. Are you open? Have your hours changed? Can I still book an appointment? Will it be a virtual encounter or will we be meeting? The fastest way for people to get answers to these questions is to dial the business directly.

If you’re still offering appointments for any type of service, a virtual receptionist can help schedule them and manage your calendar so that all you have to do is focus on taking care of your clients when it’s their turn. Working from customized call scripts designed with your policies and procedures in mind and integrating with your calendar, these remote secretaries provide the most up-to-date info to callers and get them scheduled to utilize the important services you provide.

Coverage for the Short-Staffed

Maybe you already have a stellar customer service department in place or a phenomenal receptionist on your team. Given just how contagious COVID-19 appears to be, chances are good you may have some employees call in sick. A virtual receptionist can ensure your team doesn’t miss a beat, even when you’re short-staffed. No matter your industry or company size, virtual receptionists fill in the gaps seamlessly.

In many cases, your callers will have no idea they’re speaking with a third-party receptionist. Because virtual receptionists are trained to emulate your brand’s voice and policies, callers simply assume they’re chatting with your employee – and in a sense, they are. Virtual receptionists step up to become part of your team when you could use a boost. This is especially helpful when you’re experiencing unpredictable call volume, like so many businesses currently are.

Save Cash – and Time

Working from home can be a challenge, especially if you’re thrown into the arrangement unexpectedly. It can be hard to match your previous rates of productivity when everyone is still adjusting to working remotely. A virtual receptionist can help keep your employees on task by eliminating many of the interruptions that so frequently break their concentration.

That time savings adds up fast. What’s more, virtual receptionists are incredibly affordable to hire. They work at a fraction of the hourly rate of a full-time, in-house receptionist, and their services can be turned on and off as needed. This flexibility makes working with a virtual receptionist a true no brainer.

Partner with MAP Communications Now

No matter how COVID-19 continues to impact the world, MAP Communications will continue to offer affordable, flexible virtual receptionists and live answering services for our clients. In moments of crisis, there are opportunities to reinvent and restructure, to inspire and delight. Doing so is easier with a virtual receptionist at the ready. 

If you’d like to know more about how MAP virtual receptionist services are an ideal solution during this unprecedented time, give us a call today. Or fill out this brief form to receive additional information. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

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