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Human Resources department using MAP call center services for HRHuman Resources are the lifeblood of any company. For small businesses and large corporations alike, HR does so much more than simply hiring and firing staff. Instead, they serve as the center of employee engagement, quickly responding to questions and concerns, addressing issues as they arise, and working to get the most out of the team. Call centers have evolved to help lighten the load of HR departments by streaming communication and improving accountability. Human resources benefits become instantly more accessible with the support of a trusted call center for HR departments.

Benefits of Call Center Services for HR Departments

When services are convenient and easy to use, they instantly become more appealing. With a human resource management call center on hand, employees will find it easier than ever to check their benefits, communication issues, and highlight safety concerns. Such a service can also ease communication between the HR department and managers. With carefully maintained records available at the touch of a button, managers can quickly get up to speed on a given issue. This naturally enhances transparency, leading to improved morale and employee retention. Human resources help desk services offer quick solutions to common challenges, leaving HR staff with more free time to handle other issues that arise. 

Collecting Data, Identifying Trends

a Human Resources manager analyzing trends based on call center dataCall center services for human resource managers can offer surprising insight into the culture of an office. The data collected from each phone call may highlight underlying issues that might have otherwise slipped under the radar. For instance, if several female employees call in to report sexual harassment allegations, the pattern can allow managers to be proactive in handling the issue. The more information collected, the better informed leadership can be about interoffice challenges.

Employee Hotline Solutions for Human Resources

COVID-19 Employee Reporting Hotline

We’re living through unprecedented times. New challenges require new solutions. A human resource management call center can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 throughout the office. Our COVID-19 Employee Reporting Hotline allows employees to call in at the start of each shift. Friendly representatives will quickly walk each caller through questions like:

  • Have you had contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
  • Are you experiencing any symptoms?
  • Have you had contact with someone exhibiting symptoms?

These simple screening questions can help leadership spot potential sources of infection before they’re allowed into the office. It’s more important than ever to prioritize employee health and safety, especially given the potential liability issues at stake when bringing employees back to work amidst a pandemic. One of the benefits of call center outsourcing for human resources is having a documented track record of your efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Ethics and Compliance Hotline

When an employee suspects wrongdoing in the workplace, they can feel alienated and alone. A third-party human resource management call center offers employees both independence and anonymity when reporting concerns. Since many people feel more comfortable sharing sensitive issues with those they don’t work with directly, such a service can be tremendously valuable. By identifying issues before they balloon, management can resolve concerns with efficiency.

Employee Call Out Hotline

Employee call out hotlines provide businesses with highly trained assistants to handle unexpected absences. When a staff member feels under the weather or needs to call out for the day, they can simply dial into a dedicated human resources call center. They’ll inform the friendly agent on the end of the line about their intentions to stay home, including any important details they want passed along to management. The data is then documented carefully, with an eye on privacy. 

The process simplifies and streamlines absentee reporting, taking the headache out of the process for everyone involved. Managers, employees and HR alike can all benefit from this kind of human resources help desk service. Supervisors will no longer feel the need to chase down absent employees. Instead, the time they’d normally spend informing HR and the chain of command can be used for the most important tasks on their to-do lists.

Employee Hotlines for Emergency Situations

If you work in an especially disaster-prone location, you may want to explore our employee hotlines for emergency situations. It can be difficult to keep everybody in the loop when power is out, phone lines are down, and emergencies and occurring. Anyone eager to learn how to improve HR functions should have a plan in place for such situations. An employee hotline can keep your team on the same page no matter what might be happening around them. By clearly and efficiently communicating a unified message to employees, leaders can streamline messaging. Customization of the hotline script allows management to cater to specific departments and individuals, making the resource endlessly useful.

Partner with a Human Resource Management Call Center Now

The reasons for partnering with a human resource management call center are plentiful. From managing communications amidst an emergency to keeping track of sensitive employee data and preventing the spread of infectious disease, the benefits are undeniable. Don’t take our word for it, though – try our live answering service free for one week.

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