Employee Hotlines for Emergency Situations

From inconvenient power outages to catastrophic storms, MAP employee hotlines for emergency situations make sure your lines of communication stay open while keeping your team safe and informed.

Emergency Services Urgency Helpline Care Service ConceptA leader in call center and client partnerships, MAP Communications offers a wide array of services that ensure better communication and efficiency for our clients and their employees. With highly experienced and professional virtual receptionists, MAP is committed to providing affordable solutions to organizations both large and small. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how valuable and cost-effective our employee hotline services can be.

One such service we offer are hotlines for employees in emergency situations. By creating a single point of contact for your workers, you can streamline communications and cut through the chaos. In stressful, scary moments, there is nothing more helpful than a singular message instructing employees about what to do in the face of an emergency. Our employee hotline solutions will help you keep your business operational and your employees safe when situations range from inconvenient to catastrophic.

When Catastrophe Strikes

Image of a lightning storm taking out power for businessesWith the help of an employee hotline, managers can simplify their operating procedures when emergencies occur. Rather than making calls to individual employees to convey messages in the wake of a catastrophe, supervisors can instead notify one point of contact (MAP) of the information they need to communicate. Employees may then call into the hotline to quickly receive information and get on the same page with other members of the team.

This service is extremely useful in emergency circumstances when phone lines may be down, and the power may be out. Snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires may make landlines impossible to use. By having a central number to dial in to, employees can easily get up to speed on protocol.

Minimize Mayhem

Anyone who has ever had to participate in a phone tree can appreciate just how complicated the process can become. By eliminating confusing chains of text messages, emails and phone calls, colleagues can ensure that operations are business as usual in spite of an emergency. Managers will also appreciate that every call to the hotline is time-stamped and logged to a secure online portal so that they have record of each employee who received instructions. With one simple number to call in these situations, this eliminates the excuse of any employee who claims they did not get the message. The insight also provides feedback into the accountability of workers and allows supervisors to adjust policies accordingly.

Even when there is no immediate danger or threat of a natural disaster, employee hotlines can be useful for providing reminders and updates. For example, a manager may wish to alert employees to work from home for a day, or to pick up their paychecks at a specific location in the event the normal spot is unavailable. Any message that needs conveyed to multiple employees can be communicated over MAP hotlines for employees.

Need to communicate separate messages to different departments? No problem. We can customize a program that gets the right message to the right person each time they call in. That way you can make sure crews are heading to the right job site and you’re keeping other employees off the roads in dangerous conditions if you can help it.

Peace of Mind

Image of MAP Communications call center agents providing employee hotline services during an emergency situationBe proactive and take control of your protocol before a natural disaster strikes. Many businesses are crippled by such emergencies. By setting up an emergency hotline, managers prepare for the unexpected and ensure that business won’t be disrupted by the fallout of the catastrophe. Because we can tailor our emergency employee hotlines to your specific requirements, you can ensure crisis does not slow down your business.

MAP Communications employs only the friendliest and most helpful administrative professionals. When lines of communication are lost, allow MAP to take the reins, and get your message out to the masses. Live support is available from highly trained agents to provide support whenever you need assistance.

To learn more about MAP employee hotlines for emergency situations, simply fill out this form or call 888-252-6555.