Answering Services for Salons and Spas

MAP Communications live receptionist and answering services for spas and salons enable you to focus on your clients while ensuring every call is taken care of.

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Professional Salon and Spa Answering Services

Stop by any busy salon or spa and you’ll notice one thing: the phone won’t stop ringing. It’s a common challenge for busy professionals who try to juggle administrative tasks while attending to customers in person. With the help of MAP Communications spa and salon answering service, you can focus on the person in front of you while ensuring all incoming calls are handled with care. More cost-effective than hiring additional employees, our receptionist services are invaluable for any busy salon or spa.

MAP Communications virtual receptionist service for salons and spas can help you maintain a balance between the care you provide in person and the support offered over the phone. Our live receptionists will work from a customized script to help answer caller questions, schedule appointments, and take messages. We create this script with you to match the high-quality services you already offer. In most cases, callers have no idea they’re actually speaking to a receptionist service rather than someone physically at your facility!

Because MAP Communications offers 24-hour support for our clients, you’ll never need to worry about missing another call. Our call center service allows you to turn off your cell phone and relax when you’re off the clock, confident in the knowledge that our team is working hard on your behalf. A call answering service for spas and salons can bridge the gap between traditional business hours and the late-night calls you might get from shift workers or night owls. Because our receptionists are bilingual, you can rest easy knowing your customers are in good hands.

“Your telephone staff are really great! Very professional, courteous and friendly.”
Susan J.
MAP Customer

Common Administrative Challenges for Spa and Salon Owners

Spas and salons are unique operations. Many of the stylists or service providers are actually independent contractors who rent booths from the owner. These individuals are constantly pulled in different directions. That’s especially true if there are no receptionists on staff. Even when there is a full-time employee available to answer phones, they often have to juggle scheduling, selling products, assisting customers, ordering new supplies, and handling client calls. They may even assist with the hiring and training of new employees. Managing this many duties means it’s impossible to answer the phone every time the phone rings.

The reality is that few salons can afford to employ receptionists full time. It’s simply too expensive. The owner or manager often fills this role, answering calls and greeting customers. When things are really busy, stylists are often torn between ignoring customers or missing calls. This is further complicated by the fact that many stylists and massage therapists act as their own independent businesses. They communicate with clients via their personal cell phones. When owners lose track of these conversations and can’t forward callers onto stylists when they call the spa or salon, communication breaks down even further.

Our salon answering service is the solution to all of these issues. With a dedicated team of virtual receptionists standing by to take calls, there’s no need to worry about ringing phones interrupting appointments. Everyone can focus and get more done without constant interruptions. Clients will be happy, too, to speak with a receptionist who is focused on the conversation at hand – not distracted by other tasks. It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved.

How Our Spa Call Center Services Work

Upon signing up for our services, your calls can be forwarded to our spa call center. When a caller dials your phone number, they’ll be automatically directed to our team of salon virtual receptionists. So long as you have our services turned on, your phone won’t ring or disrupt you from your in-person guests. Our team will handle questions, concerns, book appointments, and pass along messages throughout the day. You can opt to turn coverage on and off as you please.

Because we only charge for the time we actively spend chatting with your callers, you’ll never be stuck with a surprise bill at the end of the month. Instead, you can determine exactly how many minutes you want us to cover and adjust accordingly. This flexibility is something traditional, in-house receptionists simply can’t provide. We also work around the clock, ensuring there’s always a friendly person ready to assist. With no overtime charges or hidden fees, getting started with our answering service for beauty salons is as easy as it is affordable.

The best part? Your customers will likely never know that you’re using an answering service to take calls. Our employees are trained to follow your preferred language, vocabulary, policies, and procedures. Call scripts are instrumental to the process, as they provide the foundation for great conversations. You’ll quickly earn a reputation for quality customer experiences when you partner with MAP.

More Than Just a Phone Answering Service for Salons & Spas

image of a receptionist providing answering services for salonsAllow our call answering service for spas and salons to be your secret weapon. Not only will you gain more free time to focus on clients in person, but you’ll also get access to a whole host of online tools to help manage your business. Our online portal allows you to quickly and easily access call data, message details, and other helpful information to make powerful business decisions. Since we offer an appointment scheduling service, too, you’ll also be able to pass your calendar off to our team with confidence. There’s truly no better way to save time, money and stress than to partner with MAP! Because we offer a variety of services at a variety of price points, we’re also incredibly affordable. Turn our virtual receptionist service on or off as you desire and save money as you go.

Through the years, we’ve gained a reputation for stellar customer service. In fact, you may see an uptick in positive reviews after working with our virtual receptionists. We aim to please – since we’re employee-owned, our success is tied directly to yours. We answer each call the way you would if you had the time! There’s no other spa or salon answering service as experienced or as versatile as MAP!

Try Our Spa Answering Service for Free

Leveling up your customer service can do wonders for business. When callers are greeted by a friendly, helpful voice, they’re more inclined to schedule services and tell friends about their experience. A salon call center can transform your customer service offerings. Whether you’re hoping to book more appointments, stop the games of phone tag, or simply avoid missed calls altogether, MAP Communications is the solution.

If you’re ready to see the value MAP can bring to your business, consider trying out our virtual receptionist service free for one week. The trial period requires no commitment from you – just an open mind to all we can do for your customers! Get started now by calling us or click here for more information.

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