How a Call Center Helps with High Call Volume During the Holidays

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There are few times of year more joyous – or more bustling – than the winter holidays. For business owners, the sound of a ringing telephone during this time of year can be cause for celebration. After all, there’s no better sign of a thriving business than a phone ringing off the hook.

The thrill of these calls can wear off quickly, though. It can be difficult to juggle the demands of running a business with the round-the-clock ringing of a telephone. If you’re struggling to keep up with the high call volume but want to preserve the integrity of your customer experience, consider partnering with a call overflow service. Here are some of the benefits of such a partnership:

A Call Overflow Service Lightens the Load

Even the largest, most successful organizations become swamped during the holiday season. As employees assist in-person shoppers and manage the daily operations of the storefront, phone duties often fall to the wayside. That’s why so many businesses opt to partner with a call center for their holiday customer service plans. With a call center ready and waiting to answer questions, place orders, schedule appointments, and help resolve tech issues, your team will be free to dote on shoppers in store.

High call volume has a way of disrupting even the most efficient of workflows. Imagine how much more you could accomplish without the phone constantly interrupting your day. With administrative chores off your plate, you’ll be free to dedicate your attention to the in-person customer experience.

Call Center Representatives Maintain Brand Consistency

Anyone who has ever gone Christmas gift shopping knows that customer service during the holidays can be hit or miss. Retail workers are often overwhelmed by large crowds and demanding patrons. Business owners are often eager for a customer service lifeline but remain hesitant to call in reinforcements. Watering down the brand is a risk you’ll never have to take when partnering with a call center service.

Consistent customer experiences are some of the biggest benefits of working with a call overflow service. Call center employees work from customized call scripts designed to mimic the exact language used by your team. Callers may never even realize they’re speaking with a third-party. Your policies, procedures and customer service are never deviated from, ensuring that your customers will be handled in the same way you would – if you had the time, of course!

Tech Issues are Resolved in a Snap

This time of year, it seems like everyone is unwrapping the latest gadget. Excitement may be short-lived, however, as tech issues surface. If you’re anticipating high call volume relating to your products or services, you’ll want call center support in place ahead of time. Call center agents can walk callers through a number of tier-one tech support concerns.

The perks of a help desk call center don’t stop there, of course. An online suite of tools and resources can help stakeholders understand why people are calling. By capturing information about each call, agents give your team the chance to monitor and respond to performance throughout the company. After all, it’s difficult to address call volume concerns without a complete understanding of the reason behind the spike in incoming calls.

24-Hour Service for a 24-Hour World

After a busy day, you and your team deserve the opportunity to head home and relax. Finding a healthy work/life balance is indeed important, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your business. In an increasingly globalized society, calls rarely stop just because your business has closed for the day. Whether you’re doing business with folks down the road or across the country, you’ll want a call handling overflow plan in place to meet the demands of your callers.

MAP Communications works around the clock to ensure there’s always a warm, friendly voice at the end of the line. No matter when your callers decide to dial your number, we’ll be available to answer questions, address concerns, take messages and forward on true emergencies to your personal cell when necessary. Bilingual receptionists go even further to bridge communication gaps between your team and your community. A partnership with MAP may open up your business to whole new segments of the market that were previously closed off because of language barriers.

Try MAP for Free Right Now

If high call volume is bogging down your rates of productivity, now is the time to take action. Don’t wait until the new year to resolve these issues – your callers require assistance right away. You owe it to yourself, your employees, and your customers to provide swift resolution when handling high call volume.

We’re currently offering a free trial of our live answering service for an entire week. If you’re not satisfied after the week is up, there’s no obligation to continue using our call overflow service. Get started now!

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