5 Warning Signs You’re Losing Qualified Leads

Every salesperson, no matter their industry, knows the value of nursing a qualified lead. It’s more art than science, but the careful handling of a prospect can result in a win for both client and salesperson alike. With an increasingly global world, competition is becoming increasingly international. The world is the prospect’s oyster, with no shortage of your competitors from which to choose.

qualified leads

In that sense, the wooing of a new prospect is a lot like dating. An initial first conversation can be promising, but if you’re receiving mixed messages about what the future holds for the prospective client, you could find yourself without a date to the prom. Keep an eye out for these five warning signs that your qualified lead is slipping away.

The Conversation Revolves Around Pricing

Price matters, and anyone who tells you otherwise is out of touch. Price, however, isn’t the only thing that matters when working on a potential deal. Just like on a first or second date, making the interaction about how much money is involved is the wrong tact to take. Focus on all you bring to the table, instead. Just like on a date, talking about your interests, passions, principles and mutual goals is the best way to build a budding relationship.

Unfortunately, though, it takes two to tango. If your prospect just keeps coming back to pricing, they may not necessarily be looking to build a relationship. While it’s understandable to shop around and price compare, it’s never a good sign when a potential new client seems focused only on your price structure. Try to move the conversation away from money and back to the features and benefits that set you apart from your competitors.

They Bring Up Your Competition

Just like on a bad date, it’s never good to hear about the competition. It’s a sign that you’ve likely already lost out on an opportunity. After all, in love and business alike, we want to engage with folks who are just as excited about us as we are about them. When they keep bringing up their alternatives, they may be halfway out the door already.

As with conversations about pricing, it’s crucial to redirect the conversation away from your competition and back to the things that really matter. While it’s important to stay competitive, it’s equally as important to run your own race. If you’re confident you’re offering the best version of your services and product, you can keep your head held high amidst mentions of your competitors.

The Prospect is in No Rush

A prospective client with no fire lit underneath them to make a decision is one that will drag their feet before choosing. While it’s great to nurture even the earliest of leads, timing is important. If you meet a prospect who is early in their buyer’s journey, you risk overwhelming them with information or pushing them to the arms of your competition.

Instead of running these risks, take your cues from the prospective new client. If they’re in no rush to make a choice, offer them the help they need but don’t invest too much time in catering to their every whim. Recognizing when a person is ready to commit is an important skill that really can’t be undervalued in the sales world. Stay open and friendly, but don’t waste your valuable time on a person who is dragging their feet.

Your Emails Go Unopened

There’s no such thing as too much information, especially when it comes to wooing a prospect. Checking into the rates in which your emails are being opened by prospective clients can allow you to take the temperature on your relationship. Some responsibility lies in marketing these messages to be click-worthy and interesting, but there’s no denying that a curious prospect is one who will open your emails.

If your messages aren’t being opened, let alone getting replies, it may be time to change your tact. Different clients have different needs, and it could be that your emails are just drowning in an already crowded inbox. Try mixing up your communications with calls and in-person meetings. Even text messages can clear a path for an opening in ways emails can’t.

You Feel Ghosted

Just as with dating, an unanswered phone call, email or text message can feel discouraging. While it’s easy to hang your hopes on a new qualified lead, it’s important to know when to quit, too. After all, there’s nothing worse than coming off as desperate. If you’re feeling ghosted, chances are, you have been. While it’s okay to keep the lines of communication open in case they change their mind, your efforts may be better focused on nurturing a different lead.

How to Avoid Losing Your Qualified Leads

It can be difficult to foster new client relationships, especially when folks are at very different phases of their buyer’s journeys. Capturing every lead, qualifying each prospect, and keeping tabs on various potential clients is a lot for one person or even one sales team to manage. By bringing in administrative reinforcements, you can ensure you’ve covered your bases and are up to speed with each one of your leads. This is where our Sales Lead Capture and Qualification Call Center Services can help you thrive. A live call handling solution like ours ensures that you never miss an opportunity and that your sales efforts are spent on the right prospects who are going to convert into long-term customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your sales team maximize their productivity.


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