The Anatomy of a Sales Pitch – Create the Perfect Presentation

You have a great idea, product or service and customers just need to know about it! How can you effectively connect with your leads and turn them into loyal brand advocates. We have outlined the necessary steps to create the perfect presentation to help land that deal.

Anatomy of a Sales Pitch


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Don’t go into your meeting cold, you’ll want to spend plenty of time preparing. This includes doing some research into your audience to find out who they are and what they like. Cater your content to their personalities and what information will resonate with them. In addition, you’ll want to make sure your presentation is visually appealing. Obviously your idea is clearly stated and your audience is interested, capture their attention with strong visuals.


Now that you have done the basic groundwork, it’s time to start your presentation about why your potential customers should care. Why should they listen to you? Why should they invest in you and your brand? Make your point and keep it concise. You don’t want to lose their attention during the presentation. They’re there and interested, keep it that way!

Follow Up

They’re wowed, now what? Get personal with your customers and send them a handwritten note to everyone who sat through your presentation. This is an additional touch point where you can connect with your audience and further convince them to sign on with you.

Throughout the entire process, remember that you’re talking to potential customers. Get to know them and be personal. You can then continue to nurture those relationships until they become a loyal customer.