How a Missed Call is Affecting Your Business’ Bottom Line

Cost of a Missed CallWhen a customer calls your office, what happens? Does a receptionist answer, does it go to voicemail, are you trying to answer it, or does the caller hang up without ever getting a response? With every missed call, your business is potentially losing a customer as well as revenue.

Whether you have a system in place with a receptionist, or a voice mailbox – are you maximizing the amount of calls you could be answering? What if you could answer the phone 24/7? How would your business benefit? These are all key components to consider when determining what the value of a call is worth to your business.

We’ve broken it down for you with this interactive infographic. Based on typical call to lead ratios, and lead to sales ratios, we have determined that on average, for every 5 missed calls your business has you are missing out on one sale, one customer, and potentially a significant amount of money. HVAC businesses can lose at least $180 for every missed call, and that is not including the lifetime value of a customer.

Based on the information in the infographic, we can help you calculate just how much one missed call is worth to your business. Now, multiply that by how many calls you miss in a day and you’re losing a lot of money. That’s where we come in to play – partnering with a 24 hour answering service such as MAP Communications. We are able to answer all of your calls, 24/7/365 – helping your business gain new customers, and more revenue. Our current clients have cited that the ability to answer all calls and track leads better with us has greatly impacted their business and directly led to more transactions.

Check out our infographic: The Cost of a Missed Call and see how you’re business is losing loyal customers and additional revenue.

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