Eight Things You can Learn from Your Last Sales Call

A famous philosopher once said that “life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forward.” That’s a perceptive bit of wisdom that certainly applies to anyone who makes sales calls on a regular basis.small business sales call

While not every call is successful, a close review of how each call unfolded offers us a window into what works and what doesn’t. By carefully evaluating past sales calls, you can discern critical information that helps set the stage for successful calls in the future.
With that in mind, let’s discuss eight things you can learn from your last sales call.

Did I enter the call prepared?

One of the primary reasons sales calls fail to succeed is lack of preparation on behalf of the business calling. It’s not enough to have a smooth sales pitch down pat, or to be able to comprehensively list all of the features and benefits of your product or service. True preparation means having an answer ready for just about anything a customer throws your way. That includes information about your competition, and the larger industry in which you operate.

Did I effectively articulate why I deserve the prospect’s business?

A great product or service doesn’t necessarily sell itself.  To be truly persuasive, a sales call must stretch beyond a discussion of product services and offerings. You should be able to explain precisely why your company is the right fit, and the specific value you’ll add. Prospects don’t want a simple recitation of product strengths; most want a deeper reason to believe in a company. It’s your job to convince them.

Which part of the call drew a favorable response?

The larger a collection of sales calls grows, the more valuable the feedback you can recover becomes. If part of your approach isn’t working, make note of this and work on refining your material. If certain aspects of the call elicited a favorable response, make sure to focus on these areas next time.

What concerns or objections did my prospect raise?

Anyone with sales call experience knows the value of anticipating an objection — then following up with an immediate and convincing response.  Because many of these concerns or objections will be repeated by future prospects, it makes sense to evaluate them ahead of time, and develop relevant responses.

Did I miss any opportunities?

Sometimes in the heat of a sales call we miss opportunities that we should have taken. Perhaps we what we thought was a firm “no” was really a “maybe, if.” By reviewing your sales calls, you can spot such missed opportunities and prevent them from recurring.

Did I start strong?

Sales calls are like any pitch — if you don’t begin with compelling, attention-grabbing material, your prospect is likely to lose interest and tune you out. Review your call to ensure that you’re coming out of the gate with your strongest possible approach. If that’s not the case, make appropriate changes.

Was I passionate enough?

If you can’t muster palpable enthusiasm for your product or service, it’s likely your prospect will feel the same way. Make sure your passion comes through loud and clear. By radiating belief in what you’re offering, you’ll intrigue prospective clients — and keep them interested.

Did I properly guide the conversation?

Establishing the terms and agenda of a sales call — and helping achieve and sustain conversational momentum — are both critically important. Review your calls to make sure you’re guiding the conversation into areas where you’ll benefit. You can also avoid conversational lulls and awkward exchanges by mastering the natural ebb and flow of conversation.

The takeaway

Whether they are successful or an unmitigated failure, sales calls have a story to tell us. By reviewing your interactions with prospects, you can set the stage for more conversions in the future.

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