Corporate Call Center Services

Corporate Phone Answering Service and Call Center Services for Corporations

two people working in a corporate call centerThe way our world communicates is changing. While business calls were once reserved for traditional nine-to-five hours, customers now expect 24/7 support. Meeting those expectations can be expensive – not to mention time-consuming. That’s why so many Fortune 500 companies and major corporations are choosing to partner with corporate call center services. Customizable, affordable, and sure to satisfy each of your callers, our call center offerings deliver memorable customer experiences every time.

Over the last 30 years, MAP Communications has become a leader in corporate answering and virtual receptionist services. Our versatile, professional corporate answering service improves the customer experience, enhances business processes, and preserves brand image – all without dramatic cost increases. With corporate customer service under constant scrutiny, protecting your corporate identity is more important than ever. Partner with our corporate phone answering service and you’re sure to delight your callers every time they pick up the phone!

Benefits of MAP Communications Corporate Answering Service

Our corporate call center team is staffed by highly-trained, experienced receptionists. Every time we answer the phone on your behalf, one of our agents will pick up, greeting the caller promptly and professionally. We can take messages, answer questions, route transferred calls, schedule appointments, and place orders. Since our team works from customized scripts to field questions and troubleshoot common issues, we can create a branded experience that mirrors your existing policies and procedures.

MAP’s corporate answering service can increase your availability for callers. We work around the clock to provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will work with you to customize the way we answer your calls, handling conversations in a certain way during business hours and then switch it up to use a different protocol after your team has left for the day. 24 hour support means more opportunities to make sales, qualify leads, and provide assistance when your callers need it most.

Since our corporate live answering service is staffed by bilingual agents, you’ll also open up your business to new markets. Our nation is growing more and more diverse by the day. Our team of talented receptionists can help bridge the gap between the kind of service you dream of offering and your current language barriers. This also comes in handy for international callers. Increased globalization often means doing business with customers in different corners of the planet. MAP Communications ensures there’s always a friendly voice to greet callers, no matter where they’re from.

Customer-Focused Solutions to Administrative Challenges

female executive smiling from the results of her call center for corporationsOperating an internal call center can be expensive – and stressful. Hiring and retaining a team is a challenge in and of itself. Staff also need constant training, new technology needs implementing, and quality must be monitored at all times. These tasks can distract from the core of your business. With a corporate phone answering service on your side, you and your colleagues can eliminate these internal distractions and free yourselves to focus on tasks that generate profits. A partnership with our team can reduce overhead while improving efficiency – what could be better?

Our corporate call center service can perform a number of duties for your organization. Allow us to act as your switchboard, our receptionists can transfer callers to the appropriate department. We can field customer service calls and initiate cases in your CRM system. We also offer tier one tech support, guiding your customers through common questions and challenges. Our team can process phone orders, capture leads, and even offer internal employee hotline solutions.

Preserve Your Corporate Image

We know how carefully you’ve worked to curate your image. That’s why our corporate answering service acts as an extension of your company. We integrate seamlessly with your existing processes, providing callers with a branded experience that feels as though they’re speaking directly with your organization.

Our advanced technologies allow us to integrate with your work ticket systems, CRM software, websites, and a number of other systems you use daily. Dynamic online account access allows for even further insight and customization. Whether your goal is to grow, maintain, or simply meet your customers where they are, MAP’s corporate call center is the answer.

Try MAP Today for Free

Major corporations warrant major call center services. With multiple call centers across the United States, MAP Communications is anything but mom and pop. Our guaranteed 99.9 percent “up time” means your callers will never be left in the lurch. Since our technical capabilities are second to none, there’s virtually nothing our corporate answering service can’t do for you and your customers. Because MAP is employee-owned, each receptionist has a vested interest in providing the very best support possible.

We know the importance of a great first impression, which is why we offer a week-long free trial for new clients. Contact us today to tell us what you’re looking for in a call center and we’ll be happy to give you a preview of our services. When you win, we win – it’s just that simple.

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