Don’t Miss a Call While You’re In Court! Phone Answering For Attorneys

You might not have considered attorney answering services before, but it’s something you should strongly consider.

Think about the last time you were in court. How many calls came into your office during that time? While you probably have a receptionist there to take calls, what happens when she runs to the restroom, or takes her lunch break? If any calls came in during that time, chances are they had to wait longer than they wanted to get a response.

Even more importantly, what happens when someone calls in with an urgent legal question, but your office is already closed? Chances are they aren’t going to wait until your office reopens in the morning, they’re going to call the next law office — probably one using an after-hours answering service.

How a lawyer answering service works

A lawyer answering service can help your law firm connect with a significantly larger number of potential clients. Instead of being limited to your office hours, an answering service can help your law firm be available to clients 24/7/365.

Here’s how it works

Anytime you or your reception staff are unable to take a call — whether it’s because you’re in court or it’s simply after hours — the answering service will be able to answer and screen calls to determine whether the call can wait until you or your receptionist is available, or if the call should be forwarded immediately.

Done right, the process should be completely seamless, so that clients calling into your office won’t have any idea they are speaking to someone outside of your office. The answering service will also have specific directions from you and your office, so that everyone is completely aligned and on the same page with how each type of call should be handled.

The benefits of a lawyer answering service

Having a lawyer answering service means that your office will be available when clients need you most. In addition to having someone available to take calls anytime of the day or night, a call answering team can also help screen callers to ensure that you and your team are only taking calls from people who you can genuinely help with legal matters.

At the end of the day, having an answering service will make your office seem more professional, and will have a significantly positive impact on the customer service you can provide for your clients.

MAP Communications is one of the leading call-center companies in the world. We have worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses with just a few employees, and everyone in between.

One area we particularly specialize in is call answering for attorneys. Our call center team has a wealth of experience working with legal firms in order to dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of incoming calls. So whether you require answering services for criminal law practice, live receptionist services for corporate law firms, or anything in between, we’re prepared to take the case.

Contact us at 888-252-6555 for more information about how our call answering service for attorneys can help your law firm or click here to start a free trial.

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