What to Look For in A Property Management Answering Service

The to-do list of a property manager is never ending. From apartment tours to collecting rent to unit maintenance to vendor management, the work is never truly done. Given how busy the average property management team tends to be, it’s no surprise that these professionals often struggle to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal time. The profession demands round-the-clock availability, especially when maintenance emergencies occur. Middle of the night phone calls are just a part of life for property managers – but they don’t have to be, thanks to answering services.Property Management

More and more multifamily communities are turning to property management answering services to manage their calls. Such a resource can fit in seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, boosting customer service and tenant satisfaction while keeping your team on the same page and maximizing productivity. Given how demanding property management work can be, partnering with such a service can be life changing. With friendly, resourceful virtual receptionists waiting to take your calls, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without a property management answering service!

Benefits for Busy Property Management Professionals

How many times have you been awakened by a ringing phone in the middle of the night? It’s an all-too-common challenge many property managers have chalked up to part of the job. While there’s no denying that tenants sometimes require assistance at odd hours, property management teams deserve time to relax and recover on their off hours. With a property management answering service on the job, you and your colleagues can rest easy knowing your tenants are in good hands. 24 hour coverage, 365 days a year means you’ll always have the administrative support necessary to create the work/life balance of your dreams.

Property management answering services do more than just provide after-hours call support, though. Your team can also benefit from using such a service during traditional hours. Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you and your colleagues weren’t constantly interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Ignoring calls isn’t an option, especially when you have vacancies to fill, but jumping up every time the phone rings is a real productivity killer. With a property management answering service as your first line of defense, you can have only the most important calls forwarded to you or your on-call technicians directly. 

Benefits for Prospective Tenants

Hunting for a new apartment can be exciting, but the process is often more stressful than anticipated. A call to a property management company is typically the first step in securing a new place to live, but when the phone line is busy or goes straight to voicemail, prospective tenants are left without many options. An answering service for apartment complexes can ensure every phone call is answered promptly and with the same commitment to customer service that your team possesses. 

Language barriers are also a challenge for prospective tenants. When a person doesn’t speak fluent English, hunting for the perfect place to live becomes even more challenging. With a bilingual answering service on the job, non-native English speakers can quickly and easily get answers to their questions. Bilingual virtual receptionists help bridge the communication gap between your property management team and foreign language speakers.

Benefits for Current Tenants

It’s not just prospective tenants who will appreciate your partnership with a property management answering service. After all, there’s nothing quite as anxiety-inducing as a burst pipe in the middle of the night – and a maintenance service line that goes straight to voicemail. No matter the circumstance, a professional virtual receptionist can provide calm, helpful guidance on how to handle maintenance emergencies. 

Current tenants will also be grateful for quick, effortless communication when a policy or procedure is in question. If a tenant is confused about rent deadlines or community swimming pool hours, they can simply dial in and get answers from a helpful virtual receptionist. Rather than chasing down your team for solutions, tenants can get help on their schedule, because there’s always someone covering calls with a property management answering service!

Partner with the Very Best Property Management Answering Service 

There are a number of property management answering services from which to choose. If you’re not sure where to begin your hunt, consider the administrative challenges your team faces each day. If your voicemail box is always full, you’ll want to partner with a service that offers 24-hour call answering. If you’re commonly booking apartment tours for prospective tenants, make sure to work with a service that can schedule appointments and manage your schedule. If you’re concerned about your brand reputation, consider partnering with a company that’s known for its commitment to customer service.

MAP Communications offers all of these services and more. If you’re hoping to give your team a better work/life balance while extending the same stellar customer service you’ve always offered, consider using our professional property management answering service. For more information, simply contact us today!

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