Why your Real Estate Business Needs an Answering Service

As any good real estate agent knows, the value of face-to-face time with potential homebuyers is immeasurable. Getting to know your clients’ needs can help you find the home of their dreams, but it’s difficult to do that from behind a desk. When you partner with a quality answering service to field your phone calls, you’ll spend more time showing homes—and closing sales!

How a Real Estate Answering Service Helps Build Your Business

Going out to show homes to potential buyers can eat up a lot of time, especially if your buyers have cast a wide geographic net for their home search. A day spent driving from home to home can be exciting, especially when your clients find “the one,” but it can be dispiriting to know that time out of the office means time you can’t answer the phone for new potential customers.

A quality real estate answering service will be able to field calls from home buyers at all stages of the process. You can have your call center team help you build a customized script to ensure that all your callers are being handled just the way you would. You can even utilize an answering service to schedule future viewings and info sessions. This means that you and your real estate sales team spend far less time on scheduling and playing phone tag, and way more time on what you love doing—selling homes!

Why Your Current Home Buyers Will Love Your Answering Service

While an answering service can make a great first impression on new customers, your current customers will also benefit from an answering service. As you well know, buying a home can be a stressful activity, and home buyers often have questions at every step. The process can be very emotional as well, and the last thing a home buyer wants to hear is a phone that rings and rings only to get your voicemail when they have a pressing question about their home search. A professional answering service will be staffed with experienced call center employees who know how to listen to your customers’ concerns, take detailed messages, and provide some basic information to give them reassurance about whatever is on their mind.

An answering service can also help you manage the constant back and forth with not only buyers and sellers, but other real estate professionals as well. It’s important to not miss any contact from financial professionals or inspectors, especially when you and your homebuyers are at a time sensitive stage of the process. Staying on top of deadlines for your home buyers will make the process go as smoothly as possible. When things goes smoothly, your clients are happy. And when your clients are happy, you and your real estate company will be in a great position to get referrals for future customers!

Running a real estate business well means giving yourself the time you need to get to know your clients and the properties in your area. Partner with MAP Communications to provide quality answering service staff so you can focus on doing what you do best. We’re an experienced, customer focused business devoted to providing personalized real estate answering service solutions that help you grow and improve your business. Contact us today to get your 1 week free trial started!

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