4 Ways a Live Receptionist Service Increases Your Productivity

Do you hear that?

Businessman Utilizing Strategies to Increase Productivity

It’s your phone ringing – again. It rings during your morning meeting with clients. It rings during your lunch hour as you try to catch up on emails. It rings as you’re heading out the door for dinner with your family. Regardless of who is on the other end of the line, the constant ringing of the phone is as distracting as it is annoying. But ignoring phone calls can be detrimental to your business.

One of the benefits of a virtual receptionist is the quiet that comes with handing your phone calls off to a third party. Working with such a remote receptionist service is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase productivity while prioritizing your sanity. Here’s how:

Minimize Distractions

Nothing makes you feel overwhelmed faster than the ever-present ringing of the telephone. While large numbers of incoming calls can be a good sign of a healthy business, those calls can also be incredibly draining to deal with personally and they can pull your team away from their most important tasks. Answering phone calls throws you off of your routine, disrupts your thought process, and takes away from the job at hand.

There are a million productivity tips to apply to the situation, but none will be as effective as a virtual receptionist. Imagine how much more you could get done if you weren’t constantly reaching to answer the phone. With your undivided attention dedicated solely to your to-do list, you’ll accomplish so much more than you ever thought possible.

Take the Office on the Road

Without a phone to feel beholden to, the world becomes your playground – or your office. Remote work has become more and more common in recent years, and employees across all industries are loving the flexibility that working from home affords. You’ll easily increase productivity with a live virtual receptionist service on hand since it gives you the freedom to run errands, meet clients for lunch, or work from your living room.

While you’re off taking care of business, a virtual receptionist can cover your phone line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can answer questions, address concerns, find solutions to common technical issues, schedule appointments, place orders and even transfer the most important callers to you. Workplace productivity has never been so easy.

Find a Happy Work/Life Balance

One of the unfortunate side effects of remote work is the slow melding of the business and family hours. While our parents and grandparents once clocked out at five on the dot and headed home to dine with their families, the line between free time and office hours has become increasingly blurred. You might assume that more time spent thinking about work would lead to greater productivity, but the opposite is true: one study found that people happy with their work/life balance work 21 percent harder and are 33 percent more likely to stay at their organization.

You can boost productivity around your office by increasing the work/life balance of your own team. With a virtual receptionist standing by at all hours, your team can increase productivity during business hours and head home confident in the knowledge that callers are in safe hands. In the meantime, you and your team can relax and recuperate for another day ahead.

Get an Administrative Boost with Minimal Onboarding

Some business owners see administrative challenges as opportunities to bring on new employees. While adding more administrative professionals to your team may indeed relieve some stress, the road may be rocky at first. The act of hiring and onboarding a new employee only adds to your to-do list in the short term (and your overhead in the long run). If you’re hoping to increase productivity without getting bogged down by Human Resources, a virtual receptionist is the solution.

When you decide to partner with MAP, you’ll be immediately privy to all the benefits that come with our affordable live receptionist service. MAP employees are highly-trained, bilingual, and available 24 hours a day. We’ll work with you to develop a customized call script that’s the perfect extension of your existing customer service strategy. One of the main benefits of a virtual receptionist is not having to hold their hand the way you might with a new employee. Skip past the interviews, onboarding and training process – and the costs associated with each of these steps – by outsourcing calls to an experienced receptionist.

Try MAP Now – For Free

Learning how to improve productivity is an admirable goal. As you work to implement workplace productivity tips into your routine, be sure not to overlook a simple solution: MAP’s live receptionist service. Affordable, reliable and totally customizable, our offerings are the fastest and surest way to give your business a much-needed productivity boost.

We’re offering new clients the chance to see the difference for themselves. Our free trial is an excellent opportunity to harness the power of MAP’s live receptionist service for one week. If, after seven days, you’re not in love with the productivity improvement brought on by our partnership, there’s no obligation to continue using our services. See for yourself – give MAP a try now!

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