Five Ways a Virtual Receptionist Frees Up Your Schedule

There are a million different tools to help support your office in its daily operations. From the noble office supply to the specialty software required to run your business, you’ve got no shortage of great options to boost the efforts of your team. The best addition of all? A virtual receptionist service. These administrative professionals bring a number of skills and assets to the office. Chief among them is the increased amount of time to focus on your priorities they’ll inevitably supply for you and your colleagues.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual receptionists work whenever you want them to. Choose parts of the day for them to cover the phones, have them take care of overflow calls during busy times, forward your line when you need to focus on something else, flip your line to them when the office closes for the day, or even rely on them to handle the phones 24/7. The beautiful thing about a remote receptionist is that they are always ready to help out whenever you want! They seamlessly integrate into your team and processes by blending the skill of a talented administrative assistant with the experience of a seasoned customer service representative. If you’ve never worked with one before, you might be surprised to learn all the ways virtual receptionists save you time. Here are just a handful of ways you’ll free up more time after bringing on a virtual receptionist:

Gain Much-Needed Focus by Eliminating Interruptions

How many times have you been interrupted by a phone call while knee-deep in the development of a new idea? For many entrepreneurs, this is a daily occurrence. Even when you’re not actively creating or developing a new concept, the interruption of a ringing telephone can seriously distract from the task at hand. With a virtual receptionist as your first line of defense against these kinds of interruptions, you’ll gain a newfound sense of creativity and focus.

As one of the primary ways a virtual receptionist saves you time, phone answering can’t be undervalued. Even with an in-house administrative assistant at the ready, you may still find yourself on the receiving end of unnecessary conversations. A virtual receptionist can act as a gatekeeper, forwarding on only the most important of calls based on your specifications. Your entire office will appreciate the freedom from the non-stop phone calls that interrupt their days!

Grow at Accelerated Rates with Daily Operations Handled

Chasing down leads is impossible when you’re focused on the daily operations of your business. While in-house employees may be able to cover the front desk and keep the wheels on, many entrepreneurs find virtual receptionists instrumental to the administrative side of their business. If you’ve been eager to expand but have found yourself limited in free time to hunt down leads, a virtual receptionist could be the solution.

More free time in your workday will also mean more freedom to establish and maintain client relationships. High-value tasks like client meetings and lunches demand your full attention, so why not assign low-value administrative tasks to a virtual receptionist? It’s the easiest way to maximize your valuable time while maintaining your reputation for quality.

24 Hour Support Means Your Business Never Closes

Goodbye long hours, hello work/life balance! With a virtual receptionist on hand to cover your phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you’ll discover a newfound freedom from the office. While you may have previously directed after hours calls to your personal cell phone, a virtual receptionist can standby for incoming phone calls. They will forward only the calls that can’t wait and take detailed messages on everything else so you can follow up at a convenient time. Without the constant worry that you’ll be interrupted at dinner, the movies, or your child’s school play, you’ll feel more relaxed than ever.

This healthier work/life balance is one of the primary ways virtual receptionists save you time. Your experience and expertise is irreplaceable, but many incoming calls require neither. It’s likely that a virtual receptionist can handle the vast majority of the questions and comments you receive overnight and on the weekends. Our team undergoes extensive training to discern frequently asked questions from more pressing calls that require your specific opinion or insight. Knowing the difference is what makes our virtual receptionists so indispensable!

Nurture Employee Relations Without Sacrificing High-Quality Customer Service

Your team works hard to satisfy your high expectations. With a virtual receptionist taking your incoming calls, you’ll be able to dedicate more time to developing key members of your staff. Virtual receptionists work from customized call scripts designed to match your organization’s policies, procedures and preferred nomenclature. In many cases, callers will have no idea they’re speaking to a third party.

With more free time, you’ll be able to more directly support the efforts of your team. Create professional development opportunities, introduce team bonding exercises, or simply treat the office to lunch – the choice is yours. You’ll have a fresh, energetic approach to employee relations after outsourcing your calls to a virtual receptionist!

Save Time on Polishing Your Online Reputation

Virtual receptionists have a way of boosting your reputation for customer service. By answering each call promptly and to your precise specifications, virtual receptionists bring a sense of professionalism and empathy to customer conversations. In turn, your customers may be eager to share the delight they felt after chatting with your business. Many companies report an increase in the number of positive reviews they receive online after partnering with a virtual receptionist.

If you’ve been carefully responding to each online review, you know what it takes to nurture your public reputation. Just one or two bad reviews can render an otherwise successful business paralyzed. Why not boost your reputation for great customer service? MAP’s virtual receptionists know just how powerful a positive customer experience can be, which is why they work so tirelessly to satisfy each caller.

Get Started with a Free Trial Now

Virtual receptionists can revolutionize the way you do business. With extra support for customers, your team can experience newfound creative growth and focus. Don’t take our word for it – experience the MAP difference yourself. We’re offering a free trial of our live receptionist service right now. For a week, you’ll be treated to your calls being handled by the best receptionists in the game. With nothing to lose and so much to gain, why not get started right away? Click here to sign up now!

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