Top 10 Businesses That Dominate Customer Service

These days customer service comes in all shapes and forms. Email communications, social media comments, telephone calls, company discussion boards, and the good old form of in-person communication are just a few of the many routes a customer can take to connect with a business. As a result, businesses have to be ready to handle customer service from all directions. Some businesses do this with precision, marking them as the leaders in customer service. According to Temkin, here are 10 of the dominators in CS in the US for 2014.satisfied customers


The United States Automobile Association does a lot more than the name suggests. This Fortune 500 financial services group is into insurance, banking and finance. However, the highlight of USAA is their exemplary customer service. Out of the top 10 businesses, USAA ranks 1st, 2nd, and 7th in the respective categories of banks, insurance carriers and credit cards. But the accolades don’t end here. USAA has regularly earned the top rankings for customer service including admission into the MSN Money Customer Service Hall of Fame in 2009.


As the predominant online storefront around the globe, Amazon used its customer service skills to soar. However, as noted by Forbes, the leader in online sales made its mark by doing what it needed to in order to secure the sale of everything from books to baby diapers. By making the online shopping experience, easy, hassle-free, inexpensive and reliable, the company has garnered the customers to whom they’ve provided amazing service. It’s all relative.


As a leading drive-thru, fast food establishment in the Southeast, Chick-fil-A goes out of its way to connect with customers. For starters, as noted by Fast Company, Cathy understands that those raving Chick-fil-A fans are the best advertisement the restaurant can get, and he caters to his fan base.


A grocery store chain with 1,103 locations and a headquarters in Lakeland, Florida, Publix has made a splash with its customer service. The company strives to serve customers in the broadest sense from making sure the stores are orderly and clean to offering them the pricing the desire. It’s all a matter of making customers feel satisfied throughout their grocery shopping experience.


Considered by BusinessWeek as America’s Best Grocery Store, H.E.B. is the Texan dream of customer service. H.E.B. starts with its own employees, offering them an outstanding place to work thanks to a solid company culture and excellent benefits. From there H.E.B. shares the good vibes with its customers whom frequently express how superior the service is at H.E.B. in comparison to other grocery chains.

Regions Bank

Teskin Ratings were 68 percent for Regions Bank, which placed this company at number 13 in the ratings. Regions Bank has been on the uphill climb in terms of customer service satisfaction ever since it scored last in the J.D. Power and Associates Retail Banking Satisfaction Study in 2008. Three years later J.D. Power and Associates gave Regions the highest marks for any retail bank in Florida, indicating the bank has stepped up its customer service rep.


According to Forbes, Starbucks uses the cliff of dissatisfaction when dealing with customers in the storefront. This involves making the time from placing a drink order, your “quad coconut venti flat white,” to sipping on your risotto shot beverage as short as possible. Using distractions including product displays and lots to look at on the ever-changing menu, customers are kept in awe until they are served—and it works to maintain their satisfaction.


Customers of Costco rave about the quality of products, including a wide range of organic brands, and the free snacks you get when shopping. However, when in the checkout line, customers are quickly served by employees who have a stake in the company. Additionally, the return policy at Costco is outstanding, ensuring that customers will never have to settle with malfunctioning electronics or foul tasting fruits—even when they’ve lost their receipt.


QVC has the competitors at the HSN beat thanks in particular to their outstanding customer service. Quality, consistency and value are extended to customers to ensure they are satisfied long after their desire to shop from their television set has waned.

Trader Joe’s

Another company on this list that has employees with stakes in their company is Trader Joe’s. This gives employees the greatest incentive in helping customers, and it shows. In addition to offering several Traders’ lines of products exclusive to this grocery store, the pricing is spot-on to what customers want to pay.

While these companies are very diverse, they share the common trait of making customer service a priority and value within their organizations. Interested in learning how you can improve customer service through MAP Communications inbound call center services? Contact us today for a free 7 day trial.

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