Spanish Speaking Answering Service

Spanish Call Answering Services: Why Your Business Needs It

Spanish Speaking Answering ServiceIt might not come as a surprise that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. What might be more surprising is that with close to forty-million Spanish speakers in both Hispanic and non-Hispanic families, the US is now home to the fifth-largest population of Spanish speakers in the world, with growth projected to continue for another decade. Already, there are more than ten times the number of Spanish speakers in the US than there are speakers of the third most prevalent language (Chinese).

To put it another way, more than ten percent of the US population speaks Spanish. Though many of these individuals speak English as well, if your business isn’t making itself accessible to people in Spanish then you are missing out on a major demographic. If you’ve been ignoring this issue, or if you’ve thought that providing bilingual answering services wouldn’t be cost-effective for your business, you need to think again.

Answering in Spanish Means Comprehensive and Courteous Customer Service

Even though many Spanish-speakers in the United States speak English as well, they might be more comfortable speaking Spanish. Regardless, providing the option to speak to live, professional Spanish-speaking inbound call specialists gives your Spanish-speaking customers the sense that you are as committed to the quality of their experience as you are to that of your English-speaking customers.

You want everyone who calls your business to receive the same level of care and attention, and to leave each call with the desire to buy your products or services and to do business with your company again. Providing a way your customers to have conversations with your business in Spanish will accomplish this with a large and growing segment of the US market. If you don’t have Spanish-language operators working for you or as part of your live answering service, you’re doing your business and many of your potential customers a disservice.

Spanish Answering Services are More Affordable than Ever

The increased number of bilingual Spanish speakers in the US population doesn’t just mean there are more Spanish-speaking customers to reach out to. It also means there are more Spanish-speaking people in the workforce, and that means hiring a Bilingual English – Spanish answering service is more cost effective than ever. Especially if you are already in the market for a call answering service—and virtually every business should be—making sure you have a Spanish-speaking option is immensely affordable and well worth the dividends.

Allowing a phone answering service with Spanish-speaking inbound call specialists to handle your inbound call answering needs gives you the ability to reach out to a large and growing market segment while achieving the same scalability and affordability of an English-only answering service. You can crunch the numbers on this in any language you want, and you’ll get the same answer: if you don’t hablas Espanol, it’s going to be hasta la vista for a fair portion of wold be customers.

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