Why a Bilingual Answering Service is a Must-Have for an Immigration Law Firm

Pop quiz: what do happily married couples, hostage negotiators and emergency room nurses all have in common? The answer might surprise you! These seemingly disparate types of people all share one common trait: they’re great communicators. The ability to listen, interpret, and respond accordingly is answering serviceprized in both personal and professional relationships for a reason: communication is the key to any successful interaction.

No matter the context, communication builds connection. Without a clear understanding of what is being said in a conversation, it’s impossible to respond in a helpful and efficient way. It’s why so many companies around the world are training their employees in the art of listening – especially those who handle customer relations on a daily basis.

While professional development seminars and workshops can get you far, they can’t bridge the largest of communication gaps. When employee and client speak different languages, the conversation is typically a non-starter. Nobody knows this better than someone who is part of an immigration law firm.

Bilingual Challenges for Immigration Law Firms

Immigration law firms help people from around the world travel, relocate, and become citizens. When your loved one has been deported, you need to apply for a visa, or want help seeking asylum, an immigration law firm is often the first place you call. These kinds of cases can be sensitive and stressful. Discovering someone with knowledge of your language and your complex legal situation can be a real relief.

Of course, not every immigration law firm will consistently offer such relief. In many cases, communication can only go so far as the availability of the bilingual staff at your law firm. These individuals work to translate all communications between the firm and clients on top of any other duties they may have. These staff members can quickly become overworked, handling the translation of conversations for countless cases at any given time.

And then what happens when your bilingual staff is busy with another case or leaves the office for the day? Who is answering your phone when they are occupied during the day? Who is handling afterhours calls? If you want to continue supporting callers in their native language, you must continue to have a bilingual representative available 24/7. That can present a tricky problem. However, there is a great solution!

A Solution for Immigration Law Firms

An answering service for immigration law firms is the solution to this all-too-common challenge for attorneys. Many successful firms are turning to such resources to support the efforts of their full-time staff. While employees spend their time working on cases, a bilingual answering service team can stand by for incoming calls from current or prospective clients. With an eye to the most common questions the firm receives, remote receptionists can ensure every caller is taken care of in a timely manner. These professionals can schedule appointments, route calls, and provide callers with information about the services offered by the immigration law firm.

A bilingual answering service is the ideal tool for busy immigration firms who want to extend their excellent client support to those calling into the office after regular office hours too. Nobody likes leaving a voicemail, and many prospective clients may simply hang up and dial another firm if they are sent to a machine. Instead, bilingual receptionists provide stellar service and helpful information in real time – and in the caller’s preferred language.

What’s more, your staff will gain more time to focus on the daily operations of the office. A bilingual answering service can act as a first line of defense for vetting clients and saving office employees valuable time. Rather than running from meetings to answer the phone or ignoring calls altogether, bilingual representatives ensure that you can have the best of both worlds.

Other Perks of a Bilingual Answering Service

Partnering with a bilingual answering service for immigration attorneys has even more benefits than you might imagine. MAP Communications, for instance, offers 24/7 availability. You and your team can take the night off knowing that our bilingual receptionists are providing the same quality care you’ve offered for years. Non-traditional business hours allow you to connect with prospective clients that might have felt previously beyond your reach. Without the constraints of a nine-to-five schedule, callers can dial your offices whenever it is most convenient for them.

Many people mistakenly believe these kinds of comprehensive bilingual answering services are more expensive than other administrative tools. You may be surprised to find that MAP Communications offers bilingual support at no additional cost! Our services are designed to meet your customers where they are, and that philosophy extends to languages.

Immigration law firms have no shortage of competition. If you’re hoping to get an edge over other firms in your area, a bilingual answering service could be the answer. Customer service is often the deciding factor when a client chooses to work with one attorney over another. A bilingual virtual receptionist service for immigration lawyers guarantees thoughtful, efficient support for callers every time the phone rings. By bringing respect and appreciation for each prospective caller, MAP helps enhance your reputation and grow your practice.

Interested in finding out how our bilingual answering service works for your immigration law firm? Sign up for a free week-long trial now!

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