Outsourced Call Answering For Medical And ER

Medical Call Center

Inbound Medical Call Center and Support For ER

Emergency rooms earned their name for a reason: both medical and support staff deal with truly urgent and frequently sudden medical issues day and night. Even non-emergency medical offices and departments often have time-sensitive issues to deal with, from the provision of care to the maintenance of supplies and conditions that allows medical action to be taken swiftly and correctly. One thing few ERs and other busy medical offices have time for is the constant interruption of a ringing telephone.

With an inbound medical call center providing support for an ER and/or other medical department, staff will be able to dedicate themselves to performing the medical and support tasks necessary for treating patients while someone else handles over-the-phone triage, scheduling, and more. An answering service for hospitals and other medical centers employs professional virtual receptionists specifically trained to handle calls from patients and those in medical distress. An outsourced service like this can improve efficiency, improve patient satisfaction ratings, and even improve care outcomes by allowing doctors, nurses, and others to do what they do best.

On-Call Medical Answering Services

Our flexible on-call answering services can scale to meet your medical facility or ER’s needs, no matter what they are. After hours-only coverage is available when you have adequate staff during normal business hours to handle incoming calls, or 24/7 coverage can be affordably obtained to make sure all incoming calls are answered promptly and all information is recorded and communicated consistently and comprehensively. We can even use employ advanced switchboard services to take over your calls whenever they reach a certain volume, or at a moment’s notice if your in-house staff becomes suddenly occupied with more urgent tasks.

No matter when we’re answering your medical office’s calls, your patients will be greeted with your facility’s name and receive the same stellar customer service they’ve come to expect from their in-office visits. Your over-the-phone service remains customized and personal, and no confidentiality concerns will be raised by the appearance of a disinterested third-party call center.

Advanced Medical Answering

Every call and all information is handled with full HIPAA compliance, and in keeping with the latest ethical guidelines and technological capabilities when it comes to maintaining patient privacy. We also have nurses on staff available to answer a variety of questions using physician-approved guidelines, providing basic over-the-phone care with greater efficiency and directing patients and calls to your office as necessary. Again, this can improve the patient experience tremendously while also freeing up resources in your ER or other medical offices to handle the most pressing cases and tasks.

Your medical and support staff have plenty to do without answering every incoming phone call, whether they’re in an ER or a different medical care setting. Give them more time to focus on providing the care your patients need by partnering with an experienced inbound medical call center for additional support, and you’ll see the rewards immediately.

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