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Top Tips for Appointment Scheduling for Dental and Medical Receptionists

Effective patient scheduling is the lifeblood of any healthcare practice. When appointment scheduling is seamless, patients are happier, revenue increases, and the entire office benefits from a streamlined daily routine. Of course, scheduling patients effectively is often easier said than done. There’s always something pulling receptionists away from the phone – it can be hard… Read more »

What to Look for in a Medical Answering Service

The healthcare industry has evolved dramatically over the last decade. While the primary goal of any practice is still patient care, patient experience is growing increasingly important. This begins from the very first phone call a patient makes to schedule an appointment. Wait times, expensive medications, and battles with the insurance company often follow this… Read more »

How Improving Patient Intake Processes Leads to Happier Patients

Modern medicine is a true marvel. The way illnesses are diagnosed and treated is constantly evolving. Unfortunately, that kind of innovation doesn’t always bleed over into the patient experience. Walk into any doctor’s office in the country, and you’re likely to find patients working diligently from clipboards, filling out forms, and shuffling through their wallets… Read more »

5 Ways to Grow Your Medical Practice [Infographic]

Medical professionals are experts in their field of healthcare, but when it comes to running a business, many are self-taught. If you’re eager to grow your practice but aren’t sure where to begin, we can help you! Try these strategies on for size to help your doctors office or medical practice today! Share this Image… Read more »

5 Must-Have Phone Tips for Medical Receptionists

When it comes to healthcare, trust is everything. From the very first conversation a prospective patient has with a medical receptionist, impressions of a practice are formed. Whether someone is calling to schedule an appointment or just ask a simple question, receptionists wield a lot of power. Though the work might seem tedious at first… Read more »

How Your Dental Practice Can Benefit from an Answering Service

The front desk of most dental practices is a busy place. Phones ring off the hook with incoming calls from existing patients, new inquiries, and all other types of questions. Ignoring these calls isn’t an option – fail to pick up and you could miss out on valuable new business or the opportunity to provide… Read more »

The Undeniable Advantages of a Medical Answering Service

Doctors are stretched notoriously thin. Even the best-intentioned practitioners can find themselves rushing from exam room to exam room to treat patients as quickly and effectively as possible. While this strategy is certainly effective for putting out fires, it’s not one that leaves doctors or patients particularly satisfied with their customer service offerings. In the… Read more »