On-Call Answering Service

Always prepared to bridge the gap between your callers and your on-call staff, our live receptionists are available to provide professional on-call answering service around-the-clock.


team of four live receptionists providing on-call answering serviceThe customer service experience never sleeps. Even when you and your staff are off for the night, your company continues to exist. Customers and prospective clients alike may try to interact with your company after traditional business hours. Those folks can become frustrated by your lack of availability, taking their business elsewhere when they can’t get a real person on the phone.

It’s impossible for you to take every call that comes your way. After all, you need to eat, sleep and have some form of personal life occasionally! Even the hardest working staff needs a vacation or night off now and then. Thankfully, an on-call answering service can take the reins while you take some much deserved time to yourself. By hiring an on-call phone service, you prioritize the needs of your customers without sacrificing the quality of life of your staff.

MAP Communications On-Call Answer Service – Saving You Money

A good administrative professional can be hard to find. Even when you do find the perfect professional match, they’re only human. They’ll need a break, a sick day, or time off eventually. While you could pay an administrative team to work in shifts around the clock, the cost of doing so adds up quickly. Hiring an on-call answering service kills two birds with one stone. Not only do you create round-the-clock availability for your customers, but you only pay for the calls that come in. There’s no need to pay an employee to man a phone that only rings a handful of times in an eight-hour shift.

Our on-call phone answering service is designed to be budget-friendly. Whether you anticipate receiving ten calls a day or 10,000, there’s a MAP plan that plays nicely with your bottom line. Since there are no long-term contracts or confusing strings attached, it’s easy to see how our service can fit easily into your budget. By keeping things flexible, we ensure we’re always working to earn your business, month after month. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can simply walk away – but we know we’ll delight you and your callers, time and time again.

MAP On-Call Phone Service – Earning You More Business

A missed call is a missed opportunity. In many cases, missed calls are missed business. Frustrated customers may turn to your competitors when they can’t reach you on their schedule. An around-the-clock call answering service could help you capture the leads you might normally miss out on because of your availability. By being available for customer questions, tech support and advice, you send a message that their business matters. In a world where competition is stiff, this commitment to the customer experience can give you the competitive edge you need.

You might assume that letting calls roll to voicemail is good enough. The reality is that nobody likes to leave voicemails – just as nobody likes listening to them the next day. Save your staff and your callers valuable time by partnering with an on-call phone service. By skipping the games of phone tag and delivering on caller expectations the very first time they dial your business, you’ll cut through communication barriers and mitigate voicemail fatigue. The way we communicate is changing. Isn’t it time your organization evolved to meet customer demands?

Bilingual On-Call Support for Customers – Expanding Your Reach

secretary providing on-call phone serviceEach year, our country grows ever more diverse. In order to stay relevant in a progressively globalized economy, businesses must adapt their customer service strategy to reach those who speak languages other than English. Our on-call support services are staffed by bilingual receptionists who can address customer questions and concerns in their preferred language. This can help extend your business’s reach into previously untapped markets. No matter where you’re located or who your target audience is, expanding your service offerings can only lead to real growth and lasting impressions.

It’s our mission to ease communications between businesses and their callers. This is never more important than when a language barrier occurs. In a world that’s so English-centric, speaking to your callers in their native tongue can be incredibly meaningful. In many cases, you only get one shot to win over a prospective client. By meeting your caller where they are at, you’re sure to earn lifelong loyalty.

Around-the-Clock Answering Service – Administrative Support Across Industries

While you might think only certain kinds of businesses need 24/7 administrative support, virtually every industry can benefit from an on-call phone answering service. Property managers can get support they need helping tenants late in the night, while medical professionals can ensure that only the most important phone calls are forwarded to them during their precious time off. General contractors, attorneys, and even those in the tech industry can all rest a little easier knowing MAP Communications is covering their phone calls. In an increasingly global society, it pays to have a friendly voice on the end of the line regardless of the time.

Your team works hard to answer calls, address concerns, and resolve questions during business hours. Ensure no calls are slipping through the cracks after you head home for the night. Imagine how much more revenue you might recover if you expanded your phone coverage overnight. Hiring an on-call phone service to cover your calls when you leave the office is a simple, affordable way to deliver on caller expectations. In turn, you’ll undoubtedly see an increase in both viable leads and favorable impressions of your organization.

Increase Your Availability Now with MAP On-Call Phone Answering Service

Many businesses, service providers, and organizations have turned to MAP’s on-call phone service for assistance with customer support. Take a look at our testimonials page for evidence – we’ve gained quite the reputation for quality. No matter your industry, we can provide on-demand customer experiences that are sure to satisfy. Customizable phone scripts allow us to tailor our service to your precise requirements.

MAP Communications has been assisting companies around the world with their customer service requirements for nearly three decades. Fully based in the U.S., our company is 100% employee-owned. That means your success is our success. With a team committed to providing excellent customer support, MAP is the only choice for on-call answering services. Get started today with a free trial of our live answering service.

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