The Undeniable Advantages of a Medical Answering Service

medical answering service

Doctors are stretched notoriously thin. Even the best-intentioned practitioners can find themselves rushing from exam room to exam room to treat patients as quickly and effectively as possible. While this strategy is certainly effective for putting out fires, it’s not one that leaves doctors or patients particularly satisfied with their customer service offerings. In the latest issue of Today’s Practice magazine, MAP Communications’ Senior Vice President Don Thaler discusses how a medical answering service can be the solution to this very common industry challenge.

A Vanguard Communications study recently found that patients’ primary complaint about their physician had little to do with care and everything to do with customer service. As Don Thaler details in his article, a medical answering service can offer round-the-clock availability, customized plans for customer service and HIPAA-compliant call coverage. By passing the administrative duties of your medical office to MAP Communications, your in-house team will have more time to devote to patients. Ultimately, your goals are ours. With our passion for customer care and your devotion to patient wellness, there’s no better way to tackle common administrative pain points.

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