How Does an Answering Service Work? [Infographic]

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Who Answers The Phone?

  • Every time your phone rings, one of MAP’s live, experienced, highly-trained receptionists will be there to answer.

What Can an Answering Service Do?

  • Receptionists provide customer service, answer questions, capture leads, take/deliver messages, dispatch technicians, schedule appointments, route callers, screen/qualify callers, and so much more!

Where Do They Work?

  • At our office instead of yours!
  • Our answering services are provided in professional call centers based in the United States. These facilities are equipped with all the best tech, systems, backups, and staff managed by seasoned team leaders who are there to support them. It’s like having your own administrative office off-site.

When Do They Work?

  • MAP receptionists are available 24/7/365. Experienced professionals are ready to answer calls around the clock, so there are always helpful representatives present whether you require call coverage on-demand throughout the day, during traditional business hours, after hours, weekends, or even holidays.

Why Do Businesses Use Answering Services?

  • To improve customer service and retention by having every call answered quickly by a real, helpful person.
  • To capture and capitalize on every business opportunity, because missed calls are missed revenue.
  • Answering services help businesses save money on staffing and administrative costs.
  • So companies can focus on in-person customers rather than making them wait while they answer the phone.
  • Organizations use an answering service to strengthen their brand image and improve online reputations.
  • Using an answering service increases office productivity so staff are not distracted by phone calls that take them away from their core job functions.

How Do Answering Services Work?

  • Clients receive a local or 800 number that they can forward calls to whenever they choose. Or they can have calls automatically rollover to the answering service if they don’t pick up the call within the first couple of rings.
  • Calls received by the answering service are handled by a receptionist who uses a script that has been customized for your business.
  • The answering service helps the caller with whatever they called about.
  • Call details are logged to a secure online dashboard where clients can manage their account.
  • Messages are immediately delivered via email, text, or however the client prefers.
  • Any relevant escalation procedures or call transfer protocols established by the client are followed at all times.
  • MAP Communications clients only pay for the time receptionists spend on the phone assisting callers. The value is undeniable.

Phone Interactions In Action:

Listen to some real calls, see our receptionists’ process, and hear the MAP difference for yourself.

If you have any additional questions about how an answering service works, we would be happy to explain. Contact us today!

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