Customer Support For Utility Providers

Inbound Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services for Power and Utility Companies

As consumers are given more options for power and other utility providers, from competing companies cropping up due to deregulation to solar panels and other “off the grid” options, customer service, accessibility, and reliability are ever-more important features for power and utility providers. Remaining competitive means remaining within your customers’ easy reach and ensuring stellar satisfaction ratings.

Providing this level of customer satisfaction can get expensive if you try to do it on your own, though. Hiring additional staff to ensure that all phone calls can be promptly answered no matter what time of day or night they come in isn’t cost effective for any but the largest utility companies, and even they run into problems with spikes in call volume, holidays, and other staffing issues. Here is where a utility call center service comes in quite handy.

Power and Utility Providers and Customers Benefit from Inbound Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services

Utility Company Customer Support Providers

With our customer support call center service backing your utility company, your callers will enjoy unparalleled communication with our professional virtual receptionists while you enjoy the affordability of an outsourced solution to the problem of resource variability of your inbound call answering challenges.

Our team of inbound call answering specialists is available any time, and because we keep our lines fully staffed we remain fully flexible to your call needs. Sudden spikes in inbound calls due to power outages or other utility service interruptions aren’t a problem—we already have the staff in place to rise to the occasion and keep your customers informed while your employees tend to more urgent matters. Your customers get the information and reassurance they’re looking for, and you get a distraction-free environment to tackle everything else.

You and your customers will also benefit from our power and utility provider inbound answering and virtual receptionist services in the day-to-day operation of your business. Our live virtual receptionists are available to provide after-hours answering service or to professionally handle your phones all day long. This means live representatives are providing basic information with a friendly smile and accurately routing calls to appropriate personnel without the frustration of an automated system, and for a comparable cost. Messages are taken as needed and communicated to you as per your instructions, making sure you get the information you need on the schedule that works best for your company.


Power and Utility Billing Inquiries and More

Whether your customers are calling with a question about their bill or to make a payment, or with questions about various plans and services you offer, our inbound call specialists can help improve your revenue stream. From processing payments to setting up sales for services and even scheduling service calls and appointments, our functionality is as extensive and flexible as our availability.

Give us a call and see just how good we are at what we do. We guarantee you and your customers will appreciate the difference that a quality inbound call center solution can bring to the power and utility provision industry.

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