Call Overflow Support

Call Overflow Support

Give Your Receptionist a Hand with Higher Call Volumes

You already have a highly competent receptionist you adore, who handles your incoming calls with grace and ease, greeting every caller with a smile and quickly answering questions or directing calls where they need to go. That means the only time you might need an answering service is for after-hours and weekend/holiday calls, right?

Not exactly. Ask your receptionist and he or she will probably tell you there are some calls that end up ringing more than a few times before they can be answered. There are times when callers have to be put on hold while to answer another incoming call, only to put that person on hold while the initial call is completed. Add in a sudden spike in call volume from an advertising campaign or other marketing effort, and you’re looking at one harried receptionist who could use a helping hand.

Overflow Answering Services are Your Receptionist’s Best Friend

You don’t have to have a full-time, ’round-the-clock service agreement with an answering service to make life a little easier for your receptionist—and a lot more responsive to incoming calls from clients and customers. Overflow answering services can track your inbound call volume and take over receptionist duties whenever there’s just too much for your in-house staff to handle.

A single receptionist is more than adequate for most small businesses most of the time, but when multiple calls come in at the same time, when your receptionist is busy in another part of the office or on a well-earned break, having someone else around could be useful. Hiring an extra full-time receptionist wouldn’t be a budget smart move, though, which is why an inbound call center that can step in as needed is such a boon to small- and mid-sized businesses. You can pay for a block of minutes or a number of calls each month, presenting enormous savings over the cost of an additional employee but getting all of the benefits of having a second (and third, and fourth…) receptionist around.

Your receptionist will appreciate the additional assistance, knowing she or he can step away from the desk for a few minutes without potentially missing a call and losing a customer, and knowing that the blinking light on the phone isn’t a cause to interrupt a current call—another professional will pick up that ringing line in a few seconds. Your customers will appreciate the personalized and personable greeting they receive every time they call your office, and the friendliness of everyone they talk to.

Why Make Your Receptionist Wait For Inbound Call Assistance?

Our answering service can’t start helping out around the office until you give us a call and get things set up. It’s quick and easy, we promise, and the payoffs are immediate. Why delay? Get in touch today and see how we can help your receptionist, your customers, and your business.

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