Call Routing: Is it Right for My Business?

call routingWhen you call a company for help with their product or services, you expect professionalism, efficiency, and results. Unfortunately, we’ve all endured the frustrating experience of being transferred from department to department, shuffled around until we’re ready to hang up the phone. Then there are those automated phone systems we encounter where we have to navigate an annoying menu by pressing buttons or talking to a robot only to end up mashing the zero key or scream “Operator!” Even worse, we’re sometimes disconnected in the process of trying to reach the right person (or even just a real person), which means we have to call back and start all over again.

 Directing the right calls to the right people is an important administrative task. Unfortunately, though, it’s something that is often overlooked in businesses both large and small. When done correctly, call routing is a fantastic way to communicate with customers and clients. It also helps ensure that a professional image is always presented to your callers each time the phone rings. If you’re considered adopting call routing services for your company, MAP Communications has the solutions you require.

Benefits of Call Routing

When a live receptionist is promptly answering every call, listening to the caller to understand what they need or who they want to speak with, and transferring them accordingly, you end up with a lot of satisfied customers. Each person that dials your business gets to speak with a real person right away and they get quickly transferred to the right person or department.

Call routing also helps to make each caller encounter more personal, which conveys to your customers and potential clients that you value them and their time. Far from an automated phone system or even just operator services, call routing from MAP is that special touch that elevates the entire customer experience.

24-hour call routing can make your business available around the clock too. Even when your offices are closed or your employees have gone home for the night, a professional receptionist can stand by to take calls. If the person or department they are trying to reach is unavailable, then the representative can take a message and ensure it is delivered to the right place. In instances where the caller has an emergency or meet your criteria for a transfer, your company can also benefit from after-hours call handling.

When time is money, shuffling callers around from department to department just doesn’t make sense. With the help of a call routing service, you can ensure that the precious time of your employees and customers is not wasted. This extra administrative boost can ensure that callers are treated with care, respect, and efficiency. Fail to provide this level of care and you could find yourself hung up on by impatient callers. More and more businesses multiple personnel or departments are finding that efficient, personalized call routing is essential to their success.

Customized Call Routing for Your Company

 MAP Communications features call routing services that are tailored to the precise requirements of your company. Our call handling services are available on-demand. That means you can use them during the day, after-hours, over the weekend, or whenever you feel like flipping the service on, even if that’s just when you step into a meeting or go to lunch. This kind of service offers businesses 24-hour professional call routing so that you can improve the customer experience, increase office productivity, and no longer sacrifice a healthy work/life balance.

When our receptionists are handling your calls, they work off of a customized script and set of instructions for each type of call based on your preferences. We work with you to create the perfect flow for call handling so that each of your callers gets proper care no matter their type of inquiry. If someone calls looking for pretty standard info about your business, we can answer their questions so as not to interrupt anyone in your office. We can even help them schedule an appointment or place an order, and only transfer them if they require another tier of support. Our level of involvement is entirely up to you.

The degree of customization we allow for puts you in the driver’s seat of the entire call routing process. You’ll not only be able to tailor the service to the exact specifications of your business, but even the exact phrasing used by our can be mapped out for a perfectly branded caller experience.

Call Routing: Essential for Businesses Large and Small

 Large businesses already understand the benefits of a seamless workflow when it comes to telephone call routing. Our outsourced call handling solutions are perfect for saving companies money AND improving the customer experience, which leads to higher customer retention.

Small companies stand to gain big benefits from partnering with a call routing service as well. Whether you’re a small office or a home business of one, it can be difficult to manage your daily operational tasks while answering each call with professionalism and full attention. By working with a call routing service like MAP, you ensure you’re presenting a quick and polite system of handling incoming questions and comments from your customers.

Call routing can also convey the appearance of a larger business than your current size. We’ll work with you to create a customized image to deliver to your clients each time they call. When callers dial you up, they’ll be treated to a phone experience they’d expect from a Fortune 500 company. This kind of surprising delight is what we’re best at inspiring. The best part? You’ll save valuable time and money – this high-quality service comes at an affordable price.

The Secret Ingredient for Stellar Customer Service

 We like to think of call routing as the secret ingredient in our recipe for success. Though perhaps not on the forefront of many entrepreneurial minds, it’s a necessity that can set your business apart from the competition. Creating a positive first impression with each of your callers is a great way to show your commitment to customer service. In particularly crowded markets, your interactions on the phone can mean the difference between success and the struggle to stay afloat.

If you’re curious about our call routing services, reach out today to learn more. We are standing by to chat with you about your options. You can even try out our live answering and call transferring services free for one week! Sign up here to get started.

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