Travel Hacks for the On-the-Go Entrepreneur

They say time is money, and nobody knows that better than a busy entrepreneur. Whether you’re in the earliest days of your startup’s creation or are facilitating exciting growth opportunities with new partners, business travel can take up a large chunk of your time. Travel Hacks for the On-the-Go EntrepreneurYou can save valuable time and energy while on the road by streamlining the way you travel. Here are a few travel hacks that can help keep you healthy, happy, and productive when you’re on the go!

Embrace the One Bag Lifestyle

Checking luggage and picking it up from the baggage claim is a huge time suck. While it’s nice to surround yourself with your favorite clothes, shoes, and toiletries on the road, the hours spent waiting to drop off and pick up your checked bags adds up quickly. For this travel hack, invest your time wisely and pack everything you need into a single carry-on bag.

Some business travelers can’t imagine parting ways with their portfolio, tech equipment, backup outfits, and other necessities for the meetings they’ll attend upon arrival. Rather than eliminate these items altogether, consider shipping them directly to your hotel. Not only can this save you valuable time, but it’ll also make the actual travel portion of your journey much more laid back.

Route Calls with Ease

When you’re traveling for business, it can be difficult to focus on anything but work. This is especially true of new entrepreneurs who’d like to delegate tasks but feel nervous about sharing their workload with their already overburdened colleagues. Thankfully, live answering services can help you stay connected while giving you some space from your incoming calls.

Virtual receptionists can serve as the metaphorical voice of your company, routing calls to the appropriate departments while answering frequently asked questions themselves. 24/7 availability means you can check in on your calls at any time of day or night, or turn on and off the service as needed (like when you’re 40,000 feet in the air with no reception). There’s truly no better travel hack out there!

Save Time with TSA Pre✓®

Of all the traveling hacks out there, this one is perhaps the most essential for entrepreneurs who spend lots of time in the air. The benefits are obvious: TSA Pre✓® saves you serious time by allowing you to keep your shoes on your feet and your laptop in your bag. Of course, the added perks of TSA Pre✓® don’t hurt, either. A dedicated line for expert travelers helps you bypass families, vacationers, and other less experienced and efficient fliers.

International travelers should consider adding Global Entry to their TSA Pre✓® membership. An additional fee is required, but the time you’ll save in customs will quickly make Global Entry worth your while. Be sure to make time for the initial interview when you sign up, though – a rigorous background check and in-depth, in-person interview are required for Global Entry members. Many seasoned travelers will tell you it’s well worth it.

Conquer Jet Lag

The excitement of landing in a far-flung corner of the globe can give you a boost upon landing. Once the novelty of a new place begins to wear off, however, jet lag can become a real challenge. Ambitious professionals who book themselves on red-eye flights often walk right off the plane and into a day of meetings. For this travel hack, you’ll need to stock up on sunscreen, because natural light is the key to beating the effects of jet lag.

Believe it or not, staying indoors makes jet lag worse. The human body works to correct its own biological clock by using daylight to stimulate the hormones that wake us up. You should also avoid alcohol, naps longer than two hours, and caffeine within three hours of bedtime. You’ll be surprised at how effective this traveling hack can be – so long as you follow the advice to a tee. Get the most out of your trip by maximizing your productive time and defeating jet lag!

Balance Work and Play

Jet-setting entrepreneurs are often only in town long enough for a quick meeting or two before they board another flight. It’s easy to lose sight of where you are, what time it is, and what your overall goals are when you’re managing such a packed travel schedule. Just like at home, a balance of work and play can help you maintain your sanity. This traveling hack isn’t exactly revolutionary, but you’d be surprised at how much more fun you’ll have by scheduling a little free time into your business travel.

Business travel has been linked to obesity, high blood pressure, and other health challenges. Maintaining a better work/life balance can help mitigate the impact travel has on your mental and physical health. Schedule time to go for walks, grab dinner somewhere scenic, or fit in a jog around your hotel’s neighborhood. Even fifteen minutes away from wheeling and dealing can relieve stress and maintain your health.

Your Ultimate Travel Companion

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