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Keep your company up and running no matter what with MAP call center services for business continuity.

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An unexpected wind storm can knock out power for days. A fire can break out and shutter companies for weeks. A hurricane can blow through town and disrupt business for months. And as we all know too well, a pandemic can completely change the way organizations operate. To ensure your company is not forced to pause services in the event of a disaster, it helps to have a business continuity plan in place, and a call center can play a very important role in such a plan.

A call center business continuity plan takes preparation efforts to the next level, ensuring your customers and clients are never left with the short end of the stick. Working with a call center that specializes in business continuity can bridge the gap between your usual service offerings and the procedures that must be adapted in the face of an emergency. By partnering with an experienced disaster recovery call center, you can protect your business and keep everyone on the same page.

Benefits of a Business Continuity Call Center

During times of uncertainty, a call center business continuity plan can help organizations stay operational. Understanding how your phone calls can be routed or how your Customer Service department will continue functioning can relieve an immense amount of stress. When something as minor as a power outage can stop your business in its tracks, you’ll be glad you planned ahead.

With a business continuity answering service on the job, your customers may never know your services have been interrupted. Experienced customer support agents work hard to emulate your policies and procedures, ensuring seamless delivery of customer care. Call center employees can even work from customized scripts that match your preferred verbiage, tone and communication style.

During times when your office is forced to close, you can use our remote receptionist services to fill in during the day in place of your front desk. Many companies in these situations will also opt to have their virtual receptionist handle after hours calls as well to ensure they are capitalizing on every opportunity to take care of their customers and serve new ones as well.

Image of a man drawing the workflow for his business continuity call centerThis commitment to clear communication can be extended to your staff too. A business continuity call center can assist by keeping your employees in the know. It’s always a challenge to communicate across large teams, but the chore becomes even more daunting when power lines are down. By having a designated line for your employees to dial into, you can quickly and effectively communicate important instructions, policies, and procedures. This will save you valuable time and ensure nobody is left out of the loop.

Call Center Services for Business Continuity and Recovery

At MAP Communications, we offer a wide range of services, tools, and resources for clients across industries. Our 24/7 answering service is especially helpful during emergencies. Be there for your customers when they need you most by setting up a call center business continuity plan. No matter the time of day, patient, resourceful representatives will be standing by to take questions and address the concerns of your callers.

Similarly, our disaster recovery call center can provide much-needed support for employees and clients looking for answers in their hour of need. Staffed by highly trained, bilingual employees, MAP’s call center staff can be a beacon in your darkest hours. Also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our call center employees are committed to delivering quality customer service no matter what.

When more dedicated support is required, turn to our virtual receptionist services. These professionals can serve as an extension of your existing administrative team, taking messages, forwarding calls, and scheduling appointments. They can even offer level 1 tech support for customers struggling to access certain resources. No matter the circumstance, MAP virtual receptionists are there to listen and assist.

Ensure Business Continuity with MAP Call Center Services Today

Get started on your call center business continuity plan now. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to ensure they are able to stay operational even under the most difficult circumstances. Contact us today to get more information about how our professional call center services can play an integral role in your business continuity.

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