Emergency Response Answering Service and Disaster Recovery Call Center Services

MAP Communications emergency response answering and virtual receptionist services and disaster recovery answering services can make sure your business stays on track by keeping the lines of communication open with your customers and employees.

Lightning striking over businesses that use a disaster recovery answering service

Disaster can strike in a second. Whether forecasted by a meteorologist or completely unexpected, tragic accidents can occur when we least expect them. When businesses are unprepared for events like heavy storms, flooding and power outages, their customers often are left hung out to dry. When drastic times call for drastic measures, you’ll be glad you took precautions so you can keep your company on its feet and earn a reputation for reliability. An emergency response answering service can prove invaluable in such moments. That’s why MAP Communications has spent nearly 30 years partnering with businesses large and small to provide disaster recovery call center services. With our team on tap, you and your crew can handle any curveball thrown your way.

With our call center disaster recovery solutions, you get access to a team of call center professionals who can help keep the lines of communication for your business open. Whether you are experiencing an electrical outage or your employees can’t make it into work, MAP can ensure your business is running even when the power isn’t. Our customized answering service solutions help to make your organization effective and efficient, no matter what you might be up against.

24/7 Support, No Matter What

Imagine for a moment that your business has experienced a power outage. While certain aspects of your operations may be up and running, your phone lines may indeed be down. With a disaster recovery answering service on the job, you’ll ensure that customers can stay informed about your products, services and availability. Even with issues occurring at your location, your clients will be able to quickly dial your number and receive an update about your offerings in the wake of an emergency. Simply chatting with one of MAP’s resourceful virtual receptionists can lend a sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic atmosphere.

Emergency and disaster phone answering services are not just beneficial for your customers. Anyone who has tried to manage a team of employees without clear lines of communication before can appreciate how such a service could help. By having a centralized line for employees to call and check in with before heading to the office or store, you’ll ensure that everyone on your staff is on the same page. We’re happy to direct employees as to what to do in case of an emergency, where to report, how to keep in touch and where to pick up their paychecks all based on your protocols.

Customer Satisfaction – Even During Emergencies

Image of a city covered in snow with businesses that use an emergency response answering serviceYou know the importance of a quality customer experience. It’s how you’ve built a reputation amidst stiff competition. Too often, that sense of customer service can go out the window when an emergency occurs. It’s human nature to focus efforts on the most pressing of preparation and recovery efforts, but it’s equally important not to let your customer service offerings slip when you’re amidst an emergency. Our emergency response call center helps maintain that commitment to customer service, even during the most unprecedented of times. 

Disaster recovery call center services offer a sense of normalcy in an otherwise hectic circumstance. Because MAP is immune to localized or regional disasters based on our call center infrastructure, we’re always up and running. Our out-of-hours emergency call handling can definitely come in handy when urgent situations crop up overnight. What’s more is the sense of relief you’ll feel knowing MAP emergency answering services are on the job no matter what happens. That reliability is what has made us a leader in the call center industry for almost three decades.

Benefits of an Emergency Response Answering Service

There are a number of reasons to partner with an emergency response answering service. For starters, MAP Communications is based in the United States, so you can rest assured that your calls won’t be outsourced overseas. We don’t close for holidays, weekends, or power outages or storms, ensuring there’s always a friendly voice on the end of the line to help assist your callers. Our straight-forward pricing structure ensures you pay only for the time we spend talking with your customers. Highly trained employees work from customized call scripts, tailored to your precise policies and procedures.

Image of a disaster recovery call center team handling the phones

The perks of a partnership with a disaster call center don’t end there, either. We offer a number of emergency service tasks that might come in handy the next time you’re faced with the unexpected. Allow us to serve as your emergency dispatch, fielding calls from clients while communicating with your team in the field. We can handle overflow calls as customers anxiously dial in for updates and answers. We can take messages and relay them to your team, schedule appointments, maintain your calendar, and answer frequently asked questions. Think of our emergency call answering service as an extension of your team – in a sense, we truly are.

Partner with a Leading Emergency Response Answering Service Today

If you’re hoping to plan ahead for an emergency or natural disaster, you’ve come to the right place. MAP is ready to partner with you whether or not a storm is on the horizon. Since our emergency response answering and virtual receptionist services can be turned on or off based on your requirements, you’ll only pay for the services we provide for you. That kind of flexibility is rare in the administrative world and is especially useful in the face of a disaster. If you’d like to get your service started, want to begin planning for future emergencies, or just have questions about how we can customize a plan for your business, contact us today.

An emergency response answering service can’t erase the impact a disaster has on your business. Answering services can, however, play an essential part in minimizing the negative effects and help get you on the road to recovery. By continuing to respond to calls through even the worst of disasters, you can maintain an image of reliability and strength. No matter how serious or prolonged the situation might be, MAP will be there to help you see another day. When you’re ready to try our emergency call handling services, click here to sign up for a free trial.

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