OBGYN Answering Service and Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services

HIPAA Compliant, Customized, Confidential Answering Service for OB/GYN Practices

Image of a pregnant woman being examined by her doctor who uses an OBGYN answering service

There are few calls as private or as sensitive as the one made from a woman to her OB/GYN specialist. The person representing the office needs to be respectful, compassionate and careful with private patient data. While every call that comes in is important to the caller, it can be difficult to handle each one with a personal touch. That’s where MAP answering service for OB/GYN practices comes in. We ensure each caller get the attention they need on a 24/7 basis while you focus on your patients in person or spend your evening uninterrupted by calls that can wait.

With our HIPAA compliant OBGYN answering service, you can leave your calls to us while you take care of your patients, have us in place to cover overflow calls if you’ve got a receptionist on duty during the day, or have us provide after-hours answering service for your OB/GYN office. Our friendly virtual receptionists ensure there is always a kind, helpful voice around to represent your office. MAP 24-hour OBGYN call center services are the perfect solution for many of the common administrative challenges faced by specialty medical offices across the country. We can help answer phones, direct calls to specific people, schedule appointments, and so much more.

A medical answering service for OB/GYN practices can also help screen the calls your practice receives each day. Rather than interrupt a busy provider’s day (or night) with a call that can wait, allow MAP virtual receptionists to chat with the caller to discern what they need. Doing so allows you and your in-office team to focus more on the day-to-day operations necessary to run the practice.  Your entire staff will be more productive without the phone constantly ringing and interrupting workflow.

24-hour OB/GYN call center services ensure you’re able to provide the best pregnancy and women’s health related medical care for your patients

When you’re working with pregnant women, you know that emergencies don’t get put on pause when the office closes for the evening. A patient could go into labor and need your help at any given moment. 24-hour OBGYN answering services from MAP can serve as an intermediary, ensuring that even when patients need you, your phone isn’t buzzing around the clock. While we address patient needs and route calls, you can take some much-needed time to relax. Plus, all your messages and call details will be logged in a secure online portal for you to easily access whenever you want.

Image of a MAP Communications virtual receptionist providing answering service for OBGYN officesPhone answering for OB/GYN specialists can also help ensure your patients get the help they need any time of day or night. While the team at MAP Communications are not certified medical professionals, we do consider ourselves customer service and administrative professionals. We’re fast learners who are eager to help understand the requirements of your office and the needs of your patients. We look forward to bridging communication gaps between OB/GYN care providers like you and your callers.

Our answering service for OBGYN offices is totally customizable, allowing you to convey the exact kind of messaging you’d hope to communicate every time a patient calls. We collaborate with you to write a script from which our team works. The customized solutions allow you to address patient needs in the speediest and most appropriate ways.

If you’re looking for some additional help with your administrative chores, allow MAP Communications to take over your phone answering for a week at no cost to you. Our free trial gives you a preview of how much easier your work day will be once you partner with us. There is no obligation and no pressure to commit to using our OBGYN answering services long term, so there’s truly nothing to lose. Sign up today and one of our friendly team members will be in touch soon!

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