Web Portal

The MAP Communications client web portal is a complete message management solution that is included for free with each account.

Image of a MAP Communications customer using the web portal to manage their accountOur secure online dashboard is part of what sets us apart from our competitors. We have created a proprietary, secure client web portal that all of our customers have access to when they partner with us. With both browser and mobile access, it makes account management a breeze! This centralized, aggregated message archive provides all necessary call details with 100 percent transparency. Once you’ve chosen MAP as your call center partner, you will unlock a powerful tool that will help improve office productivity, efficiency, and accountability.

Our customer service dashboard is perfect for busy professionals who want to keep tabs on the calls their company receives. Improve communication throughout your business by quickly sharing call data and details. You’ll find that your productivity will skyrocket with such tools on hand. Even better, there’s never been an easier way to hold your team accountable for the completion of important projects and handling of customer issues. Efficiency is key for successful businesses, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help companies big and small with just that.

Stay on top of communications with your customers with the MAP secure online dashboard.

Ensure nothing slips through the conversational cracks with the MAP client web portal. It keeps track of client correspondence in an organized, easily accessible way. While you might be used to scrambling for written notes or scrap paper when handling a follow-up with a customer, MAP makes it easy for you to quickly reference all prior communications with a given client. Simply pull up our call center dashboard to access any and all calls our team has previously shared with the caller.

Image of two MAP Communications clients managing their account through the secure online dashboardYou’d be surprised at what an advantage such an online portal can be for your business. The detailed nature of customer service requires a level of synchronicity across systems to be successful. Fire on all cylinders with MAP. Not only will the customer data help you improve your internal processes, but you’ll also be able to quickly and easily identify patterns and trends across calls.

Full account management powers as close as your nearest web-enabled device.

Our client web portal goes beyond call data too. You can also login and access your billing statements, make payments, update on-call rosters and choose message delivery options. Because only authorized users have access to the portal, you’ll never need to worry about security or protecting the information of your customers. Account holders can even segregate permissions for additional privacy and organization.

MAP Communications has been a call center industry leader for nearly three decades, helping clients across the country in connecting with their customers. Though we’re especially proud of our proprietary client web portal offerings, it is just one of the many perks of partnering with us. Imagine how easy and convenient the oversight of your company’s customer service can be with MAP’s online dashboard at your fingertips! To learn more and give our live answering services a try for free, contact us today!