Medical Profession

Live call handled by a MAP virtual receptionist for one of our medical clients:

Transcript of this live call between a patient and our medical answering service agent:

Agent: Thank you for calling London Bridge Family Medicine. Skyla speaking. May I help you?

Caller: Hi, my name is Angela McCormick. I need to call in a prescription refill.

Agent: Okay, Angela. Are you one of our patients?

Caller: Yes, I am.

Agent: And who is your doctor?

Caller: Dr. Thomas.

Agent: Okay, you need to have your pharmacy fax a request. Do you have a pen to write the fax number down?

Caller: I’m really sorry. I’m out at the moment and can’t really write anything down. Would it be too much trouble to take my information?

Agent: I’d be happy to send a message to the office for a return call, Angela. May I have your callback number please?

Caller: Yes, my cell phone number is 415-885-6002.

Agent: Okay, Angela. Do you have an alternate number?

Caller: No, just my cell.

Agent: And when is the best time for a return call?

Caller: Anytime is good.

Agent: May I have your date of birth please?

Caller: Yes, it’s April 6, 1967.

Agent: Thank you. Do you happen to have the prescription number?

Caller: Sure, just let me get my inhaler from my purse. Alright, it’s 1254229005548.

Agent: And the name of the pharmacy, please?

Caller: Oh, it’s the Walgreens on Market Street, near Mission. I have the phone number if you need it.

Agent: Oh, yes please.

Caller: Okay, it’s 415-861-4010.

Agent: Thank you. Now, what medication are you calling in today?

Caller: It’s Asmanex 120 dose.

Agent: And just to confirm, that’s A-S-M-A-N-E-X?

Caller: Yes.

Agent: Alright, Angela. Let me confirm your information. Your callback number is 415-885-6002. And the spelling of your last name is M-C-C-O-R-M-I-C-K?

Caller: It’s actually spelled M-A-C-K.

Agent: Oh, sorry about that. The office will return your call as soon as they are available. Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Caller: No, thank you.

Agent: Well, have a great day Angela and goodbye.

Caller: You as well. Goodbye.