Answering Service For Healthcare

How Your Healthcare Office can Benefit from a Live Answering Service

Healthcare Answering ServicesEveryone loves to talk about the rising cost of healthcare patients have been experiencing, but people working in the healthcare industry know that costs are mounting on the supply-side, too. Running a medical or healthcare office includes a host of expenses that have little to do with directly providing care to patients.

Controlling these costs while still providing the excellent care and customer service your patients deserve can be a tough problem to solve. A medical answering service can form a large part of the solution.

Customer Service is Cost Effective with a Live Answering Service

Providing excellent healthcare-related customer service over the phone means answering calls promptly, professionally, and pleasantly, while handling patient information confidentially, courteously, and competently. Trying to do this by hiring on-site staff means increased spending on training and a major expenditure on human resources to ensure that there is always someone there to answer every call.

A live answering service for medical professionals can give you and your patients even better customer service at a markedly reduced cost. By working with multiple healthcare offices, a medical answering service can affordably keep a full-time staff of professional inbound call receptionists to ensure that every call is answered quickly and every call handled effectively. You get the benefit of a large call center without sacrificing the personal touch that professional live answer operators can provide.

An Answering Service Makes Appointment Setting Easy

If you are doctor, physician, or work in a healthcare office, you know how much time gets spent coordinating schedules, making and adjusting appointments, and otherwise making sure the right patients see the right professionals at the right time. Again, this is a time-consuming task that can more effectively be handled by a full-time healthcare answering service.

The right on-call answering service will work with your office to develop a custom system for making appointments according to your specifications. Multiple physicians and healthcare workers with different schedules and appointment availability can be accommodated by the right 24 hour answering service, and regular schedule updates and adjustments can be made to ensure ongoing accuracy in your appointments. Your office can receive updates about appointments as they occur or on a daily basis, meaning a medical answering service gives your healthcare office even more opportunities to improve efficiency and save time.

Confidentiality-Compliant Answering Services without the Liability Worry

Just as the professionals at an established and experienced answering service are expert customer service providers, a HIPAA compliant answering service with a healthcare specialization has agents trained in all applicable legal and ethical confidentiality guidelines. Ensuring in-house staff are properly trained and kept up-to-date on confidentiality requirements can cost significant amounts of time and money; with a professional answering service for medical professionals, you won’t have to worry about it. at all.

These are just three of the ways a live medical answering service can benefit your healthcare office. Contact us today to see what else we can do!

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