Around the Clock Support: 24/7 Answering Service for Your University


University campuses are busy places where students of all backgrounds come together to learn, live, and, ideally, thrive. When a student is faced with a late night need at your university, what do they do? A call center can provide 24-hour assistance, from student support, to tech help and more.  It can help make sure your students get the help and direction they need, whenever they need it.

24/7 Student Support

Being a university student can be hard. From learning to navigate the emotional roller coaster of early adulthood, to dealing with academic pressures, students need support in many different ways, at many different times. An answering service for universities can help provide that immediate student support when someone simply needs to pick up the phone and get a real person on the line, right away. A high-quality call center will work with your university on training call center staff to respond with appropriate resources and supports to help students in their moment of need, while giving them the tools to follow-up and problem solve during normal business hours. Access to 24-hour support can also give parents peace of mind, many of whom can be a little wary about sending their adolescent into the wilderness of college life. A call center is a win-win for students and their families, and it can help promote a culture of safety and support at all hours of the day, and night.

Immediate Access to Student Technical Assistance

Quick question: if a student’s computer crashes at 3:00am, but their paper is due at 8:00, who should they call? A 24-hour call center can provide some technical support and troubleshooting to supplement your university’s existing IT department. Smooth communication between call center staff and university technical assistance can help students and their computers, get up and running smoothly while minimizing data loss (and emotional tears). An educational answering service can also be a great way to respond to other technical problems, like badge reader difficulties or key code issues for students who may be locked out or otherwise experiencing technical distress.

Quick Connection to Emergency Services for Students in Need

While all enrolled students should certainly be encouraged to make use of local emergency services whenever necessary, a 24-hour answering service can also connect students to necessary emergency response in the event of a major safety incident, like a robbery, fire, or even an assault. Students at your university should get a clear message that their safety and security is taken seriously; a phone number that students can call 24-hours a day, in additional to local emergency and crisis supports, will help make that message loud and clear.

For more information on how a call center can support your university campus, please contact MAP Communications today. We’re a client service devoted to providing solutions that improve your university culture, and we’d love to talk about a call service strategy that improves the quality of student life.

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