MAP Communications provides operator services for the University of Pennsylvania’s main telephone number. We highly recommend them to other University organizations. The whole end-to-end process of outsourcing our operator services to MAP Communications was extremely successful. All of our experiences with MAP Communications throughout the various stages of the project life-cycle were outstanding.

MAP has a strong technical support team that is available to work with the customer daily to implement the service infrastructure from the customer’s premise to MAP’s call center. In our conversion process, MAP had implemented all of the call-routing services, automated customer responses, and trained all of the agents in advance of our conversion date. In this way, we were able to schedule a “live” test of the new Call Center services using the actual agents and infrastructure to ensure that all calls were answered with the appropriate script/instructions and routed correctly before our actual conversion date.

Our conversion was completed successfully and without incident. We had setup processes and procedures in advance of the conversion, so that during the post-conversion process, we would be able to respond quickly to changes to processes and procedures for those undocumented calls that needed to be automated.

MAP Communications is very proactive with respect to providing feedback regarding service performance. With their advanced database services they are able to quickly identify new trends and implement new business rules/procedures to meet the needs of the Call Center. There are many times that we needed to provide MAP instructions for University emergencies. MAP is able to respond real-time to changes to Call Center processing.

I have been a manager of insourced and outsourced call centers for over 20 years and can easily say that MAP Communications is one of the most professional and reliable call centers I have ever worked with. They deliver quality work at a reasonable price, always on time and exceeding expectations. I have personally visited their call center facilities and sat with their staff on numerous occasions and have been very impressed. Their agents take their jobs seriously and strive to deliver top notch service. I think being an ESOP gives all the employees a real sense of ownership with regards to their delivery of service. I couldn’t be happier with the service I receive from MAP and would recommend them to anyone considering outsourced call center services.

The entire Career Management Center (CMC) is supported 24/7/365 by our Virtual Career Assistants (VCA) who are provided by MAP Communications. CMC is the only career center in the country to provide LIVE assistance 24/7/365 ! Our partnership with MAP Communications contributed greatly to our selection by the National Association of Colleges and Employers as the most innovative career center in the country. MAP Communications provides a flexible, cost effective solution that provides high human touch with high tech capability to support customer services around the clock.

MAP Communications has proven to be a tremendous asset to us at Cambridge College. From the beginning of our partnership with MAP, the College has been growing steadily, and MAP’s proactiveness and flexibility, together with the quality and consistency of our caller’s experience with them, has added significant value to the range of services we are able to provide for our students, faculty, and administration. From the round-the-clock student-support their dedicated team has offered, to the array of contributions they have made to many departments in various capacities, our partnership with MAP Communications has strengthened the mission of Cambridge College to provide academically excellent, time efficient, and cost-effective higher education for a diverse population of working adults for whom those opportunities may have been limited or denied.