We use MAP and have found they are much better than other answering services we have used in the past. We use texting to communicate with them and it works really well for us. If we fail to clear the “escalation page” they follow up with a phone call within a few minutes.

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I have again had the pleasure of being served by your staff. I have given my office folks the weekend off, and have personally received the calls and messages from your team today as I did last weekend, when you and your team astounded me by making my customers your priority. I’m telling you: I had fun that weekend creating well satisfied customers, at a net profit during an overtime weekend – and then you blew me away by doing so during a FREE 7 day trial period. I have seldom been the recipient of such a tremendous value. As you know, I did not hesitate to sign with your company.

Well, after working with your folks again today, I stand by my first assessment. Your staff’s thoroughness, professionalism and promptness are again helping me to turn an overtime day into a profitable one. The messages we receive are sent directly to us (in our choice of formats) immediately after your team member speaks with a perspective (and many times a current VIP) customer. The messages received contain virtually all the information needed for my team to deliver a World Class Service experience to my customer. My goodness – I sound like a commercial, don’t I? Well, I can’t help but tell the truth.

Oh, and by the way, the only reason I chose to personally take all calls last weekend was simply to judge your team’s effectiveness. You were just another answering service I was going through, trying to get lucky. But listen – and please share this with your folks, because it is both true AND important – the reason I chose to take calls again this weekend, was because I just couldn’t wait to work with your staff again (of course, creating well satisfied customers at a net profit during an overtime weekend helps too)!

Please pass along my heartfelt thanks to everyone at MAP Communications. And before I forget– welcome to the Bow Plumbing Family!

In today’s competitive marketplace, precise 2-way communication between my staff and our customers is a top priority. MAP’s ability to customize their products, while utilizing cutting edge technology, has given my company the tools to deliver that precise 2-way communication around the clock, 365 days a year.

The southeast US was struck by a series of devastating tornadoes on April 27. Mississippi and Alabama were struck particularly hard by these storms, but southeast Tennessee also received significant damage. We were affected by these storms, but not as severely as our neighboring utilities. The storms first affected us early in the evening of the 27th, and we essentially completed electric service restoration by the evening of the 29th.

As the storms hit, we requested that MAP cease transferring calls as our account is set up and instead fax the call data collected by your operators to us every 15 minutes. This worked very well in minimizing the distractions in our control room and made our service restoration efforts more efficient. This was the first major storm in Etowah since we began our association with MAP, and having MAP handle our incoming calls this way made the entire operation run more smoothly than in previous storms. We appreciate the efforts MAP made to accommodate our needs and the work of the operators handling our calls. We have been very pleased with the way our “routine” calls have been handled, but the service during this storm was exceptional.