Improve your Franchise Customer Service with MAP Communications

Running a franchise has becoming one of the most approachable, and profitable, ways for aspiring entrepreneurs to build a business. By taking a successful business model and franchising it, entrepreneurs can create their own version of the American Dream.

Of course, just because franchisees benefit from the franchise business model doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges their business will face. One of the most significant issues that a franchise business owner must deal with is providing top-tier customer support without the massive budget or staff that a large corporation might have.

In order to address this issue, many franchisees are turning to a franchise answering service. Some of the benefits associated with using a franchise answering service include the following:

Gives your business a more professional appearance

When customers are able to call your business and speak with a knowledgeable person on the other end, it gives your business a professional appearance that can otherwise be difficult. For example, customers calling into a restaurant franchise might hear lots of background noise in the background, or they might have a long wait time due to the fact that the employees are helping customers in the restaurant. By utilizing a franchise answering service, your customers can call into a professional call center without all the background noise.

Improves customer service and reduces wait times

Franchises are small businesses, which means that there every employee needs to be fully utilized throughout the day. Unfortunately, this means that incoming phone calls sometimes get pushed to the back burner. A franchise answering service ensures that all calls are answered promptly.

Allows franchises to be reachable at any time of day or night

Depending on your franchise, it is probably difficult to be available via phone 24/7. By utilizing a call service, your franchise can be reached any time of day, and any day of the week. Customers can get their questions answered, and high-priority calls can even be routed to a manager (or you, the owner) if and when appropriate. Best of all, this is done without needing to keep dedicated customer service staff working within your franchise.

Frees up staff to focus on core business operations

There is no doubt that customer phone calls are important. However, they can also interfere with the day-to-day operations of your business. Customer phone calls can pull the attention of your employees away from their primary duties, and it can take several precious minutes for your employee to get back “into the groove” after handling a call. During busier times, your employees might even find that they are unable to work on their primary tasks at all because of a high volume of calls.

By utilizing a franchise answering service, your employees will be free to focus on the core priorities of the business, all while knowing that any urgent or otherwise high-priority calls will be routed to the appropriate individual when necessary.

Running a franchise is a complex task, and having an answering service there to help with the customer service aspect can be a win-win for both your franchise and your customers.

MAP Communications specializes in a wide variety of customer service solutions. Whether you’re running a massive corporation or just opened your first franchise, MAP Communications has the knowledge and experience necessary to significantly improve your customer service operation.

For more information about MAP Communications, including information about how to get a free 7-day trial of their franchise service, please contact us today.

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