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Popular Options for Handling Business Phone Call Overflow

If you’re working to grow your business, odds are good that you’re eager to address as many inquiries and customer concerns as possible. When each ring of the telephone represents a new opportunity to win over customers, it’s important to treat each call with care and attention. This requires a lot more time and effort… Read more »

How Can a Call Screening Service Help to Improve Your Business’ Efficiency

Communication is the key to quality customer service. No matter your industry, offering a quick and easy way to get in touch with your organization is a must in today’s competitive business landscape. Of course, staying on top of inbound calls can be incredibly challenging. Even with your team pitching in to answer calls and… Read more »

Handling The Flood of Incoming College Students With an Answering Service

Each fall, millions of new and returning students flood the campuses of colleges and universities across the nation. Dorms are moved into, dining halls are full and classrooms that lay dormant a few weeks earlier are now bustling. Even the most organized and highly-esteemed schools can find their administrative teams overwhelmed by the sheer number… Read more »

How an Overflow Answering Service Reduces Stress during the Busy Season

Whether you manage a healthcare center, a retail store, or a hotel, your busy season means extra hours at the office, less time with your friends and family, and tons of stress about how to get it all done. However, by partnering with a call overflow answering service – you can unplug from answering phones… Read more »

Using a Small Business Answering Service to Balance Work and Family Time

  Most business owners know the critical importance of maintaining strong relationships with customers. Being available for your clients whenever they have a need, or a question is a great way to cultivate these key relationships. Keeping your customers satisfied and engaged is the cornerstone of any successful, long-term business enterprise. Unfortunately, this deep level of customer engagement often comes at… Read more »

5 Tips to Increase Leads — Yet Decrease Advertising Costs

Generating leads that convert into positive sales is for bread and butter for your business. The more leads that can be placed into the sales funnel, the more opportunities you will have to coax them to ultimately buy your products and services. Yet marketing strategies and advertising tactics don’t come cheap. While you are finding… Read more »

How Click-to-Call Ads are Helping or Hurting Your Business

There is a growing trend among many businesses in which they are encouraging customers to call them for questions about everything from sales to technical support. This trend makes sense, as customers are increasingly valuing customer service. In fact, in a recent study reported by the Harvard Business Review, a positive customer experience directly correlates… Read more »

Call Overflow Support

Give Your Receptionist a Hand with Higher Call Volumes You already have a highly competent receptionist you adore, who handles your incoming calls with grace and ease, greeting every caller with a smile and quickly answering questions or directing calls where they need to go. That means the only time you might need an answering… Read more »

Answering Service For Healthcare

How Your Healthcare Office can Benefit from a Live Answering Service Everyone loves to talk about the rising cost of healthcare patients have been experiencing, but people working in the healthcare industry know that costs are mounting on the supply-side, too. Running a medical or healthcare office includes a host of expenses that have little… Read more »