You Only Have a Minute To Win It

The world moves at an incredible pace, and your customers don’t have the patience to wait for answers. Whether they are looking for sales information, product support or even trying to set up an appointment, they judge your company by the responsiveness of your call center. If your call center isn’t world-class, you could lose the customer before you even have a chance to engage. You win or lose the order and the customer’s mind share in that first minute, so you need a call center service that provides fast, courteous support.Fast, Courteous Call Center Service

Fast Pick-up Times

Most customers feel annoyance if their call isn’t answered in less than 30 seconds, and they hang up as the wait time approaches one minute. That’s why one of the most important metrics for any call center is pick-up time, and why MAP Communications prides itself on having the fastest pick-up time in the industry. Many call center providers staff their centers with the minimal number of CSRs, so customers have to wait. You won’t have that problem with MAP Communications.

Well Trained Team

Everybody thinks they know how to talk on the phone, but there’s an art to talking to customers in a way that enhances their satisfaction. MAP Communications has an extensive training program for all our virtual secretaries. They know how to defuse difficult situations and they are always professional and courteous.

Handling Special Situations

Whether it’s a problem with down equipment or any other kind of emergency, our team of operators knows how to stay calm and provide the right response for every situation. Regardless of the industry you’re in—whether healthcare, education, government, utilities, property management or any other—we can set up exactly the services you need.

Unlike other call center services where the services are bundled into expensive “one size fits no one” packages, MAP Communications works with you to design a package that exactly fits your needs. So if you need us to take orders in multiple languages, dispatch emergency personnel or simply take messages, we have the skilled specialists on staff, and we can set up a custom solution for your process.

Look Big, Even If You’re Small

Small and mid-sized companies have to keep up with their larger competitors, but without the budget and large staff. MAP Communications can help by providing tools that make you look just as large and professional as the competition. Whether you need a nationwide 800 number for orders or support, or you want voicemail or IVR (interactive voice response) to manage or route calls, we have the solution you need. We can even integrate with your website or your business software so we can give customers up-to-the-minute information on their orders or your inventory status. Our in-house IT department will design and support whatever you need to create your vision of superior customer service, and then we continue to manage it for so you enjoy peace of mind while focusing on more strategic aspects of your business.

Account Management and Advanced Analytics

We provide dynamic online account access, so you can monitor our performance from wherever you are, whenever you like. If you want to check average pick-up times, longest wait times, average call length, calls per hour or any other metric that matters to your business, it’s all right there in a simple, easy to read dashboard so you always know exactly where you stand.

Regardless of whether you need a simple answering service or the full gamut of call center capabilities, MAP Communications understands the call center business process and the value of that first minute of customer interaction. We have the people and processes to ensure that any size company gets off on the right foot with every customer interaction. If you only have a minute to win it with a customer, make sure they spend that first minute with a friendly, courteous and professional MAP Communications employee. Get started with a free 7 day no obligation trial today!


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