How a Veterinary Office Can Benefit from an Answering Service

With The Help Of A Veterinarian Answering Service, You Can Provide Better In-Person Care To Your Clients And Their Four-Legged Family Members.

Running a busy veterinary office means that you and your staff are tasked with being the go-to team to handle emergencies and day-to-day care of man’s best friends. But if your staff is too busy on the phone to really engage with the animals and humans that make up your business, your practice can come off as too busy and detached to truly care about their customers. A solution that will keep everyone’s tails wagging? Hire a veterinary answering service today!

The Best Veterinary Practices are Accessible and Available

Hiring a veterinary answering service means that your callers will always get a real, live person on the phone. That’s especially important for new potential customers who don’t want to be answered with a busy signal or an answering machine when they need to get their furry family member in as soon as possible. When you partner with a high-quality, professional veterinary answering service, you can not only guarantee 24/7 access to your business, but you can also work with your call center staff to develop customized scripts that include information about hours, services offered, and even scheduling. When an experienced call center team handles your calls, both your customers and your bottom line will be much happier.

When Pet Emergencies Arise, Your Practice Will be There!

Running a veterinary office means being available to respond to emergencies. An answering service for veterinarians will be able to handle late night and weekend calls from pet owners in distress. You can work with the answering service to create custom scripts for common ailments or complaints to set the owners’ minds at ease until your practice opens for business in the morning. Or, if you have an on call procedure in place, you can rely on your call center staff to triage calls and notify the vet on duty to handle emergency procedures, and potentially help save an animal’s life.

More Attentive Staff Means Happier Customers

Finally, it’s important to recognize that your on-site staff has to wear many hats while working at a busy veterinarian practice. From managing a sometimes chaotic waiting room, to booking follow-up appointments, to managing records, taking payments, working with pet insurance companies, and paying special attention to pets and their owners, in-person staff need to be “on” and present at all times. When you choose to create a strong system for managing inbound calls, you end up freeing your staff to do what matters most: providing quality care to the customer who is right in front of then, instead of spending all day on the phone. Your staff will appreciate being able to focus, and they’ll end up with more time for friendly belly scratches, too!

Choosing a professional call center service for veterinarians can be a great way to grow your veterinary practice and offer accessible, comprehensive services to your clientele. When you use a veterinary answering service, you send a message that your practice is always available for the humans and animals that you serve and that attitude will attract new patients, while keeping your current patients happy. For more information on how to take the first step, contact MAP Communications today! We’re a full-service professional call center offering customized solutions for veterinary practices of all sizes, and we’d love to help you set up an answering solution that truly works. Give us a call!

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