Top 8 Benefits of Partnering with an Answering Service

Partnering with an answering service like MAP Communications offers a number of benefits, no matter what type of business you run. Check out these top 8 benefits of partnering with an answering service like us. Then get in touch so we can help you create a customized answering service plan for your company today!

1. 24/7 Availability

One of the greatest benefits to using an answering service is the way it can instantly expand your “open for business” hours. Whether you deal with customers across the globe or have local customers who sometimes need support in the middle of the night, an answering service means that every call to your business will be answered, no matter what, meaning you never miss an opportunity to take care of an existing client or bring on a new customer.

2. Increased Efficiency

An answering service allows you to be far more efficient with your staff resources. A call center professional can easily triage calls to your business and provide basic information that customers are looking for, instead of tying up your full-time employees with these requests, which distracts them from using their true talents to build your company.

3. Eliminate Wait Times

Managing calls in-house often means that your customers will be subjected to holds and lengthy wait times, which can lead callers to get frustrated and some will simply hang up. A call center will eliminate wait times, which will keep callers happy and can improve your bottom line.

4. Appointment Scheduling

Whether you run a doctor’s office or a hotel, an answering service can help you schedule appointments and make bookings, all without tying up your full-time staff. So all you have to do is get ready to handle a full calendar that your answering service booked for you!

5. Bilingual Support

Another great benefit to using an answering service is the option to offer both English and Spanish as options for your callers so they can speak whichever they are most comfortable with. Fluent bilingual virtual receptionists will have a conversation with your customers and deliver your messages to you in whichever language you prefer. This option can help to drastically expand your customer base.

6. Technical Assistance

Providing basic technical support via answering service is a great, cost effective way to assist your customers with the product support they need, when they need it. This is a handy added feature for your product/service, and your customers will appreciate that they can call your company directly to get the technical assistance they need, no matter what time of day or night.

7. Better Customer Service

Put simply, an answering service improves every aspect of your customer service. An answering service will allow every customer call to be answered promptly. Plus, it will free up your full-time employees from “phone duty” so that they can focus on face-to-face encounters that include closing sales, providing services and consultations, and being a positive face of your business.

8. No More Missed Calls—Or Opportunities

Finally, one of the best benefits to partnering with an answering service is both simple and powerful: your business won’t miss a single call ever again. By immediately responding to every call you receive, you put your company into a better position to make the most of every incoming opportunity for new sales or customer service.

A responsive, customer focused company is a company with great potential. Partner with MAP Communications to take advantage of these many benefits and more, and start growing your business today! Go ahead, give us a shot with a 1 week free trial.

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