What our Call Answering Service is & how it can Help Your Business

If you’ve ever looked into a call answering service, you might have come across our company: MAP Communications. While we are one of most popular and positively reviewed call answering services in the United States, you might not yet understand what that actually means for your specific business.

In theory, call answering services might seem pretty straightforward. In reality, there is a vast difference between the various call answering services available on the market. Here are a few examples of what makes MAP Communications stand out from the crowd:

Benefits of the MAP Communications Call Answering Service

Time-based billing and no long-term contracts

Call answering service plans are usually sold in one of two ways: by the unit or by the minute. Unit based billing often adds up quicker than customers were lead to believe and there can be lots of extra charges lurking in a bill. We bill by the minute so you only pay for what you use and there are no hidden fees.

Some call answering services will lock their customers into long-term contracts. That’s not always a bad thing for customers if they are getting great service and they always have the same amount of inbound calls from month to month. However, long term contracts can often present a number of frustrations for customers.

MAP Communications understands that businesses and their requirements change over time. It’s important to us to remain flexible and accommodate the evolving challenges our customers are presented with. We can adjust account plans and pricing on a monthly basis if necessary so nobody is wasting money, and all of our customers are on a month-to-month agreement. That way you are always using the right call answering service plan for your company and we have the opportunity to earn your business each and every month.

Flexible setup 

Another common issue for call answering customers is the “one size fits all” approach used by many other services. These companies don’t have the interest (or capability) of handling your company’s specific requirements, so you are left with a generic service that probably doesn’t address all the unique challenges your business faces.

MAP Communications stands out from the crowd by offering highly customizable service packages that are personally tailored to your company’s industry, size, priorities, policies, and overall philosophy. We work with you to create a unique call handling script that is perfectly tailored to facilitate positive customer experiences and achieve your goals with every caller. With MAP Communications, your call answering agents will in essence be an extension of your company.

Not only that, but MAP Communications allows you to make changes to your call center options even at the last minute — changing the “on call” contact or adding multiple recipients to your message delivery preference are just two examples.

Secure Order Processing

In addition to providing customizable services, MAP Communications agents are able to handle secure customer information, including credit card information and payment processing. In fact, MAP Communications is even certified as a secure answering service for medical and legal businesses, as well, in order to provide the precise level or service our customers require no matter what industry they operate in.

Employee-Owned Business

Aside from the plethora of services and qualities that set MAP Communications apart from our competitors, there is just one more thing that makes us unique. MAP Communication is a 100% employee-owned business.  When you speak to one of our representatives, call agents or another team member – you’re speaking to one of the business owners. Our team is heavily-invested in making sure that your business receives the highest quality of service at all times. Your success is our success!

To learn more about how MAP Communications can benefit your business, and to find out how we are different from the competition, simply contact us at 888-252-6555, or sign up for a free 7-day trial!

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