Top Business Customer Service Quotes from TV Shows

Here are our choices for TV shows with the best customer service quotes.

woman watching customer service quotes on tv

Some of life’s greatest lessons can be learned from turning on the television.

It sounds counterintuitive – after all, the TV has earned its nickname as the “idiot box” for a reason. Wade through the hours of mindless content, though, and you’re certain to find nuggets of wisdom to apply to your own life. This is especially true when it comes to customer service advice.

While you might not expect to find your own views on business and the customer experience challenged by shows like Bob’s Burgers or The Office, these customer service quotes are proof that professional advice can be found in the most unlikely of places. Here are our picks for the best customer service quotes from TV.


“There are No ‘Nos,’ Just ‘How Can I?’” – Shark Tank

If you’re looking for customer service inspiration on television, Shark Tank is an excellent place to begin. The reality business competition show has captured the entrepreneurial imagination of Americans for 12 seasons, elevating mom and pop businesses from around the country to viral sensations. Naturally, the show is a goldmine of customer service motivational quotes.

This particular quote comes from Lori Grenier in season seven, episode 11. She’s an entrepreneur, inventor, and business mogul who is most famous for her title as the “Queen of QVC.” Lori has become one of the most popular of the Shark Tank cast, and for good reason.

She takes time out of her business negotiations to explain the importance of customer service to an entrepreneur. It’s a fresh take on the conventional “the customer is always right,” type of wisdom. Given Grenier’s track record for success, this customer service lesson is one we’ll remember for a long time.

“I’m Off to Go Running with My Best Customer So His Heart Doesn’t Explode” – Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is one of the most consistently hilarious portrayals of customer service on television. Funny customer service quotes abound, but this particular line comes from Bob himself in season five, episode 13. When Teddy, a loyal customer, realizes his daily burger consumption is leading to health problems, he takes up running. Bob decides to accompany him on his run, motivating his favorite customer to lead a healthier lifestyle.

This kind of gesture isn’t something every business can offer their customers, but it’s symbolic of the type of service we should all aspire to provide. Every business, no matter how large or small, should work to reward loyal customers whenever possible. As far as business customer service quotes go, this one should have you leaping out of your chair for your clients.

“I Don’t Think Anyone Wants to be One of a Hundred Colors in a Box” – Mad Men

Peggy Olson is one of the greatest business minds on television. For the uninitiated, Peggy starts as a receptionist at Sterling Cooper, the advertising firm at the center of AMC’s Mad Men set in the 1960s. In episode six of the first season, Peggy gets her shot at as the firm’s first female copywriter. Her first account is a lipstick company in need of a new ad campaign. Peggy’s unique take on what women want from their cosmetics offers great insight into the kind of customer service we should all be offering.

This iconic customer service inspirational quote illustrates the importance of each individual customer. Nobody wants to feel like a faceless name on a long list of customers. Instead, customers want to be valued for their loyalty and catered to personally. It’s a truism that we would all do well to remember in business. As you design the ultimate customer experience, it may help to factor customization into the equation.

“People Will Never Go Out of Business” – The Office

We’ve written before about the incredible life lessons to be gleaned from just about every episode of The Office. This particular quote comes from episode 17 of season three. In “Business School,” Dunder Mifflin is facing stiff competition from the likes of Office Depot, Staples, and Office Max. While his colleagues are worried about the ongoing viability of their company, manager Michael Scott is confident in the future. Regardless of what Dunder Mifflin sells, Michael argues, he’s in the people business, and “people will never go out of business.”

Consumers have more choices than ever. With the tap of a few buttons on their smartphones, people can order just about any product or service imaginable. While big corporations may offer more affordable pricing or convenient shipping options, the lack of a personal touch will always leave room in the market for the Dunder Mifflins of the world. It’s part of what makes this customer service quote so evergreen.

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