How To Build Loyal Customers

4 Tips for Turning Customers Into Brand Evangelists

A happy customer is a great thing. It’s a sign of a job done well, and sets you up for repeat business that can help your company thrive. But if you think a happily completed transaction is the best you can hope for when it comes to your customers’ ability to boost your business, you need to think again.

Taking a customer beyond happy to the point where they’re actually excited enough to promote your brand is a surefire way to rapid growth, and it’s easier than you might think. Here are four quick tips for turning your satisfied customers into evangelists for your brand.

  1. Always Ask About Improving

Every phone call, email, or other exchange with a customer should end with one simple question: how can we do better? You might want to phrase this differently depending on the specifics of each conversation, but letting your customers know that you’re actively looking for ways to meet their needs in an ever-better fashion will get them enthusiastic about helping you out. Listen to their advice and requests, put it to work for your company, and be sincere when you ask how you can improve.

  1. Get a Great Social Media Presence Going

Everyone—and every business—is online these days, and the right display of customer service (and a sense of humor) can suddenly spread the word about your brand far and wide. Engage with your customers, always in a positive manner, and the personal attention will do a lot for your reputation and your fame. Stay away from any negative comments, though; social media can land you a negative reputation just as quickly.

  1. Follow Through Without a Sales Pitch

We’ve all had the experience of making a purchase only to be inundated with sales pitches and marketing materials trying to get us to buy more, buy again, or tell our friends and family to buy, too. These marketing methods are becoming increasingly less-effective and even detrimental, but a personalized, sincere follow-up email or phone call to make sure your customers are happy—without throwing any special deals or other sales pitches at them—is a great way to impress.

  1. Make Things Right Without a Hassle

Sometimes things go wrong, even at the best of companies. When that happens, fix the problems and offer some extras as an apology, and do it without making customers go through a multi-step complaint or refund process. Studies have shown that customers who had a negative experience rectified quickly and courteously actually give higher satisfaction ratings than customers who never had a bad experience to begin with, so use that to your advantage.

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