Top 11 Podcasts About Customer Service

Customer service podcasterPodcasts are one of the best ways to learn. Their easy functionality and convenient accessibility means that you’re never more than a few taps on your smartphone away from great content. Podcasts are also growing in popularity – it seems there’s a new show announced every day. That’s good news for those eager to learn ideas for great customer service. The very best tips and tricks can be found in the podcasting sphere.

The truth is that even the most successful business owners don’t always know how best to deal with customer service issues. Whether you’re eager to learn the fundamentals, want to stay in the loop on the latest customer experience trends, or are just looking to dip your toe in the world of customer service, listening to a customer service podcast can be transformative. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of some of our favorites.

Creating Disney Magic: Lessons in Leadership, Management, and Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, few do it better than Disney. Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World, hosts this incredible customer service podcast. Cockerell is also the creator of Disney Great Leader Strategies, used to train more than 7,000 leaders in his organization. Listen in as Cockerell espouses wisdom on topics like building a first-class reputation, attracting top talent, and creating magic out of almost any situation. Standing on the shoulders of giants is one thing, but standing on the shoulders of the Mouse is even better.

Repeat Customer

If you work in customer service, odds are good that you work with Zendesk in some form or another. The customer service software company has built quite the reputation for success through the years, and their podcast, Repeat Customer pulls the curtain back on that progress. Good customer service starts with a key understanding of what consumers want, and this podcast dedicates much of its run time to exploring just that. By talking with big name guests like Chip and Joanna Gaines, the pros behind Shake Shack, and the folks at SeatGeek, the hosts give listeners unique insight into the customer journey.

Crack the Customer Code

Every successful business needs customers, yet business leaders frequently struggle to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Adam and Jeannie, hosts of Crack the Customer Code, dive into this all too common conundrum, learning from business leaders of all backgrounds. Guests include Fortune 500 executives, retail magnates, authors, and entrepreneurs. Recent episodes explore important topics like digital customer behavior, supporting your team through angry customer interactions, and the post-pandemic restaurant experience. With a large backlog of episodes available, the show offers up some of the most in-depth and detailed discussions on the customer experience anywhere. This is one customer support podcast you won’t want to miss!

The Modern Customer

Blake Morgan knows a thing or two about customer service tips. The customer experience futurist is the author of “The Customer of the Future: 10 Guiding Principles for Winning Tomorrow’s Business,” making her the ideal host for the Modern Customer podcast. Her interviews with top executives center around technology, talent development, and the customer experience. Focusing primarily on the intersection of customer service and B2B, Blake really gets to the heart of the subject matter of each episode. Listen in to discover why the future of customer service is so controversial, and what customer loyalty might mean moving forward.

What it Means

If you’re eager to learn how to provide good customer service, this is the podcast for you. Produced by Forrester, a market research firm that first illuminated the importance of the customer-driven buyer’s journey, the show is an essential look at today’s changing marketplace. Tech-driven innovation is at the center of the show. Recent episodes touch on topics like design debt, audience-centric B2B content, and the art of reaching beyond delight in customer journeys. The show is chock full of meaningful statistics you’ll be itching to share with your team – don’t be surprised if the podcast shapes the future of your customer experience strategy!

Experience This!

The customer experience, for better or for worse, is endlessly entertaining. The best customer service podcasts embrace this aspect of the business. Guests of the Experience This! podcast share funny stories, relatable experiences, and life lessons they’ve learned while in the customer service trenches. Discover how to cultivate powerful customer relationships using honesty, learn the secrets of memorable customer experience, and understand the way corporations like Nespresso nail the customer experience lifestyle. The hosts share their unbridled passion for customer service with every episode they produce, and their enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll walk away from this show more inspired to satisfy your customers than ever.

The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show

Want to do a deep dive into a customer service podcast? The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show has a log of more than 200 episodes. Whether you listen on your commute, at the gym, or while walking around your neighborhood, there’s certainly no shortage of excellent episodes to dive into. Industry influencer Jeanne Bliss hosts interviews with customer experience leaders from all over the globe. Bliss compares the customer care officer position to the human duct tape of the organization, uniting the organization to achieve customer-driven growth. All the episodes are great, but we’re especially fond of Bliss’s conversation with Peloton SVP Brad Olson – start there if you’re feeling overwhelmed by this treasure trove of episodes.

Support Ops

Podcast about customer serviceSome customer service podcasts get too wrapped up in theory and strategy and forget about the practical application of such skills. Not Support Ops. This show is dedicated to the on-the-ground reality of working in customer service. Covering everything from team communication to customer onboarding to burnout prevention, the Support Ops team delivers quality content on the topics you’re most eager to learn about. While the show technically aired its last episode in 2017, the more than 150 episode catalog is loaded with timeless customer service wisdom that will never go out of style.

Amazing Business Radio

There are few customer service experts more knowledgeable or experienced than Shep Hyken. The New York Times bestselling author has worked with hundreds of clients through the years, helping transform businesses all the way from mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. His podcast is full of customer service etiquette tips you won’t want to miss out on. Recent episodes touch on subject matter including omnichannel communication, the role of emotional intelligence in customer interactions, and the future of autonomous customer service. Actionable information and unique insight help set this podcast apart from the competition. 

The Intuitive Customer

To truly understand customer behavior, you’ve got to have a thorough understanding of modern psychology and its applications. That’s the premise behind The Intuitive Customer, one of our favorite customer service podcasts. Hosted by thought leader Colin Shaw, the show discusses behavioral economics and the impact that cultural, social, and psychological factors have on our economic decisions. While a lot of behavioral sciences content can feel intimidating, Shaw and his colleagues work hard to break down even the most complex concepts for listeners. If you’re eager to work smarter, not harder, you’ll want to add this show to your regular rotation of customer support podcasts.

The Brainfluence Podcast

Featuring practical takeaways and thought-provoking insight into the world of customer experience, the Brainfluence Podcast is one you won’t want to miss. Host Roger Dooley has spent years in direct marketing and was the director of corporate planning for a Fortune 100 company, so he’s uniquely positioned to interview industry experts and thought leaders on the subject of customer service. Listen in for guidance on providing good customer service, the science behind loyalty psychology, and networking tips for introverts. With hundreds of episodes to wade through, you’ll find yourself awash in quality customer service content. 

Level Up Your Customer Service Offerings Now

Stakeholders often realize the value of quality customer experiences but fail to understand how to get it right every time. These podcasts can shed light on common conundrums and provide unique insight into how to improve existing strategies. Customer service best practices might vary from one organization to the next, but these shows espouse universal truths that every successful entrepreneur should know about. 

When it comes to leveling up your customer service offerings, there are a few strategies to try. In addition to listening to these podcasts, we invite you to try out our live answering service for free. Our US-based team of live virtual receptionists is made up of customer service enthusiasts. Sign up for a free trial and see the impact for yourself!

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