How a Custom Phone Script Can Improve Your Business

When a call rings into your business and you pick up the phone, what do you say?

The difference between a simple “hello” and a long-winded introduction can have a bigger impact on the caller than you might expect. While a one-word greeting might seem straight-forward, some callers may find it off-putting not to be immediately introduced to the person speaking. Other callers, on the other hand, may be impatient and annoyed with longer intros.

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While you can’t please everyone, you can find an optimal format and standardize the way your company phone is answered. Phone scripts allow for a more universal approach to the messaging your business hopes to convey. This isn’t just an etiquette issue; the words, phrases and policies you introduce over the phone speak volumes about your mission, values and larger goals. With so much on the line, going off script just isn’t an option.

Benefits of Custom Phone Scripts

Call scripts may seem forced in theory, but we’re all conditioned to follow scripts in our daily lives. From the way we greet cashiers at the grocery store to how we speak to our colleagues, unofficial scripts guide more interactions than you might realize. Custom phone scripts can be incredibly valuable ways to minimize awkwardness while maximizing efficiency.

Consider the way your team currently answers the phone. Each individual employee may have their own style or approach. By standardizing how you greet customers over the telephone, you can establish a more professional foundation for every call you take. A custom phone script can set the tone for the conversation, too – consider the difference between a “hi, how can I help you?” versus a straightforward “hello.” Both are greetings, but one offers immediate support and action.

Call efficiency is another major benefit of a custom phone script. Leading with a request for an account number, name, or invoice can help you access records more quickly. While client conversations should never feel like a race to the finish, callers will be eager to get you on the same page as soon as possible. After all, they’re not calling just to chat!

Best Practices for Phone Scripts

It’s important to develop call scripts that reflect your goals and values, but it’s equally important to create policies around the use of the script. No matter how well-crafted it might be, a script can only go so far to predict the kinds of questions and responses you’ll trade with callers. Over time, though, you can build out your script to include responses to common questions with specified steps to take in the majority of situations your call handling team will encounter. Consider your script a living document that can be updated when you find areas for improvement.

Writing Your Custom Phone Script

Create a custom phone script with both callers and employees in mind. Ideally, you should work to keep receptionists and salespeople on message by giving them a guide to follow with callers. Factor common pain points into the development of the script, too. If you average a dozen calls a day about your return policy, for instance, you’ll want to outline the rules and give options for employees to deviate when necessary. Giving your team a series of statements to assist when customers object is another smart idea.

As you develop your own custom phone script, consider authoring several options at first. Play around with the terms you use, the phrasing of certain policies, and the vocabulary you know you’ll want included in each conversation. Loop stakeholders from each department into the development, too. You’ll want to cover all your bases in the final version of the script.

Calling in the Experts

Not every business owner, entrepreneur or manager will have a flair for custom phone script development. Just as you rely on trusted experts to help design a new website or set up a retirement account, you can call in reinforcements. MAP Communications has thirty years of experience customizing call scripts and developing call handling solutions for businesses of all sizes across industries. If you’re curious about how a phone script can improve your business, consider reaching out to our team.

A free trial of our receptionist service will allow you the chance to see how much value a custom call script can bring to your organization. Sign up today and we’ll work with you to develop the perfect script for your business. To learn more and begin your free trial, simply click here!

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