How Answering Services Help Real Estate Agents Close More Deals

Busy real estate agents know that time is money. Successful professionals are constantly searching for ways to balance showings, closing sales, paperwork and networking. If there were a way to squeeze more than 24 hours into a day, real estate agents would be the first to know! While we can’t promise more hours in a day, we can help shed light on how answering services help real estate agents work as efficiently as possible with the time they have. By outsourcing phone calls to a team of highly-trained virtual receptionists, realtors will gain untold hours to focus on other aspects of their work.

Real Estate Agent

Of course, gaining more free time isn’t the only perk of a partnership with an answering service. We know better than anyone the importance of quality customer service. Real estate success comes to those who work hard, but more importantly, to those who establish meaningful connections with their clients. Real estate answering services are merely an extension of this philosophy. Without quality conversations that create solutions and ease anxieties, real estate sales are anything but guaranteed.

Close More Deals

Many people are curious to learn how answering services help real estate agents close more deals. 24/7 live answering is the first contributor. Without an answering service available to answer calls, real estate professionals are constantly abuzz with incoming calls. It’s hard to be mentally and physically present at showings when another client is dialing you to close on a deal. Front office administrators can help offset the impact of ringing phones during business hours, but realtors know their work is rarely limited to the traditional 9-5. By partnering with a 24/7 live answering service, real estate agents can keep the progress moving steadily along at all hours of the day or night.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. To generate sales, you’ve got to prioritize customer service first and foremost. Real estate success is tied to personal connection in ways you might not expect. A friendly conversation at an open house can lead to an interest meeting at the office. Before you know it, you’re conducting your first showing with a first-time homebuyer and preparing an initial offer. None of this would be possible without stellar customer service at every step in the process. It’s not exactly an industry secret, but it’s how answering services help real estate agents close more deals.

Build Your Reputation

Customer service is great for nurturing deals, but it’s not the only way answering services help real estate agents. By extending consistent, friendly support over the phone, virtual receptionists help build your brand. They present a professional, impressive face and voice of your business at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time employee. Highly-experienced and highly-trained, these receptionists work from customized call scripts to deliver a carefully curated customer service experience.

The results can be powerful. Many real estate agents report a greater number of positive reviews on industry ranking websites after partnering with a real estate answering service. When your name is associated with stellar service and a passion for linking buyers and sellers with resources, you’re certain to find rapid success.

Maximize Productivity Even When You’re On the Go

Realtors are constantly on the move. Showings one side of town in the morning give way to lunch meetings with clients downtown and closing appointments at a law office on the outskirts of city limits. If there’s one thing real estate agents do more than talk on the phone, it’s driving around town. In the midst of those travels, incoming phone calls are bound to go unnoticed. One of the very best benefits of partnering with a real estate answering service is ensuring your calls never roll to voicemail, even when you’re stuck in traffic.

By outsourcing your calls and appointment scheduling to a third party, you enable a talented virtual receptionist to manage your calendar while you’re busy getting from place to place. Focus on the road and whatever your next meeting is rather than trying to juggle phone calls and worrying about what the rest of the day holds.

Meet Customers Where They Are

Buying a home can be scary. It’s one of the largest purchases most Americans will ever make. Given how much anxiety is involved in the process of buying a home, client hand-holding is a key component of any realtor’s job. Extending empathy in the face of stressful negotiations isn’t easy when you’re juggling other clients and deals, though. This is how answering services help real estate agents close more deals: by boosting availability and empathy for concerned clients.

The real estate world is a competitive one, and without an arsenal of weapons on hand, even the most successful realtor will struggle. Allow a real estate answering service to be your secret weapon. By making more efficient use of your time, maintaining your appointment book with travel time in mind, and extending empathy and patience to callers, virtual receptionists can be instrumental to your success.

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