Focus on In-Person Guests: Why an Answering Service Helps in the Hospitality Industry

When you run a business in the hospitality industry, each day brings with it countless opportunities to wow your guests. But if you’re forced to choose between taking care of your in-person guests or new potential guests on the phone, you end up in a really tough situation. From unhappy customers to new patrons checking-in, you don’t want to put a person on-hold to handle your in-person guests. So, let us do that part. At MAP Communications, our hospitality answering service staff will talk to your customers on the phone, answer questions, and take reservations while you provide the highest level of customer service in-person.

The Benefits to Focusing on In-Person Guests

In the hospitality industry, small personal touches are key. Your staff has likely been trained to respond to the needs of your guests, no matter how big or small, which means that they’ve probably become good at reading body language and tone of voice the second a guest steps up to the desk with an inquiry or complaint. But if your staff has to spend their shift with a phone pressed to their ear, they will be far less effective at communicating with the in person guest who is right in front of them.

When you free up your staff to be present to your in-person guests, you empower your staff to take initiative and prevent minor problems before they snowball. Staff is better able to stock and maintain self-serve hospitality stations, like coffee bars, breakfast buffets, or even the orderliness of your common spaces. Your space should be warm and inviting for guests, and guests should always be able to find a real, live person–and quickly–to address their concerns or questions. In other words, your hotel or B&B should not sound like a call center, and guests shouldn’t have to wait while your staff finishes a call with a guest who isn’t even there.

Meeting the Needs of Future Guests via Call Service

When you allow your staff to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business, you ensure that current guests feel that their needs are being attended to, which means a better stay, and potentially more repeat business or referrals. But what about the potential guests who call in for more information or a booking? Here’s where the benefits of a hospitality answering service enter the picture. Our call center staff is comfortable learning the ins and outs of your business in order to provide prompt, accurate, and friendly answers to the questions your future guests may have. When guests call into an answering service, they’ll get their call answered right away, no matter what might be happening at your busy front desk. Guests will have a smooth, seamless booking experience, and then, when they check in and experience your hospitality in person, they’ll be greeted by staff who are present and available for their every need. It’s kind of a magic trick, and one that will reap your hospitality business major rewards in the long run.

For more information on how a hospitality answering service can help satisfy the needs of all of your guests, please contact MAP communications today! We’re a customer focused call service, and we’d be delighted to work on solutions that help you build a sustainable, manageable hospitality business.

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