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Five Ways to Fill Your Hotel Books This Summer

Summer is synonymous with vacations, road trips and travel. Because of this, the season has also become the cornerstone of the tourism industry. Many properties rely on the revenue they generate in the summer to carry them through the colder, quieter months ahead. Because of this dynamic, the pressure of carrying the fiscal year on… Read more »

Improve Your Hotel’s Customer Service with a Live Answering Service

For hotel customers, there is perhaps nothing as frustrating than having to deal with an automated answering system that doesn’t address your needs. Many times, a machine just isn’t capable of answering your question or directing you where you need to go. For hotel owners, on the other hand, there is perhaps nothing as frustrating as… Read more »

Improving Your Hotel’s Customer Service

Few businesses will dispute the importance of good customer service. Yet what often isn’t mentioned is how context dependent customer service is. We all expect less than stellar customer service at the DMV, and adjust our expectations accordingly. This means that a license clerk who is simply polite and competent might come across as delivering… Read more »